Self Driving Cars Being Tested in Florida for Senior Citizens

Self Driving Cars for Florida Seniors

26 Apr, 2018 – Both critics and supporters are still debating the feasibility of self-driving vehicles. However, around 125,000 Florida senior citizens currently living in the central retirement community are likely to take a self driving vehicle for a ride in one of the world’s big self-driving experiments. They will travel nearly 750 miles of roads within The Villages Retirement Community near Orlando. 

About the project

You may be wondering about the company that is behind self-driving cars. The company, known as Voyage, is a startup that has been specializing in autonomous vehicles. As key part for the robo-taxi service, the seniors will access free transportation to various activities like grocery stores, local theatre, and more. Get more details about Florida basic driver improvement.

However, during the first phase, a technician will remain on board to monitor the system and for the senior’s safety. The self-driving vehicles feature a steering wheel and if need arises, the technician can easily take the wheel and control the vehicle. In the later phases of this project, Voyage will charge a transportation fee and technicians will not board the vehicle. Learn about more details on the Florida drivers license.

The project could revolutionize how seniors go to their various appointments and activities. Moreover, it could help impel the automobile industry to accelerate their progress in developing self-driving vehicles. Oliver Cameron, the CEO of Voyage, claims that up to now, there are no complaints and they are feeling like pioneers.

Why the company chose seniors

According to Voyage, seniors are a perfect group for the self-driving vehicles, especially in the controlled environments like The Villages, where the roads, commercial districts and homes are laid out neatly. Even more, Voyage has engaged Carmera, a mapping company in Brooklyn, New York to outline the entire community including the parking lots, intersections and street signs. The Ford Fusion featuring rooftop LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) will take senior citizens to different locations by seeing the roads exactly how drivers see them. The first step to get on the road is to get your Florida learners permit.

Cameron says that 80% of the seniors in The Villages have an average age of 72 and have smartphones. They can also easily use the provided smartphone application to access the free service. Polls also show that the ever-increasing senior population in Florida requires self-driving vehicles. The main reason behind that is that visual impairment is their biggest challenge. In fact, most of them cannot drive at night or during the daytime. One should find more details about Driving lessons and figure out what best suits them. All Florida Safety Institute is excited to see how this project takes shape. 

Voyage, which is situated in Santa Clara, California, is a by-product of Udacity the online education company founded by Sebastian Thrun – former vice president of Google (GOOG). But worried consumer groups have already given caution signals. The Consumer Federation of America Jack Gillis, “The Car Book”’ author has said that the Congress is sleeping at the wheel and has basically given car companies blank checks to make their driverless vehicles without real regulation or oversight from the United States Department of Transportation. 

Jack Gillen, the former president of the Advocate for Highway and Auto Safety said that including the executives who contributed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) seemingly feel that there are numerous hurdles to face before the self-driving cars can take actual highway.

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