KryptoGraphe introduces a brand-new Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager

A few years ago, Bitcoin turned into one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in existence. Today, we find several more that have aroused the interest of many; this kind of currency will continue arriving in many classes. If you’re part of the interested group, you must take into account all the features that KryptoGraphe has and resume following this digital market without problems.

Today, paying with Bitcoin has become something usual. These days, many people choose to exchange real money for virtual currency, even cards, so you can spend Bitcoin where and when you desire.

As well as Bitcoin, there are many more currencies that people accumulate. The number of people who consider cryptocurrency a value for long-term investment are increasing. If you want to know the price of each of them, follow it up, grasp the daily changes, and keep track of them.

That is why you have to take into account all of the features that KryptoGraphe provides and, therefore, you will not have any difficulties with remaining updated.

KryptoGraphe is one of the most secure new apps that encourages you to know the value of your cryptocurrency. With this application, you will have knowledge and information in real time about your digital currency – plus, this management system is entirely free.

The portfolio of tools it has is always being updated. Some of them consist of metrics, current news every day and the view of the CoinMarketCap Top 100. It is international and is available in 13 languages so that many of us are part of this community.

To provide you with more information of the several characteristics, we have explained some of them here:

1. The KryptoGraphe app presents the growth in figures and the percentile to have an idea of the current positions. You can also identify how your portfolio is performing and compare it to others like you, others who want to understand everything about cryptocurrencies.

2. You can also find information about the current market. This tool will allow you to have a grasp of how it is capitalizing bitcoins and altcoins. You could generate a list of the currencies that want to follow and can review the percentage change every day and how the volume of trade is growing.

3. Receive a detailed summary of your portfolio stats. That includes profits, losses and the percentage of decrease or growth. You can also review the categorization of your currency, the change by period – that is, by day, week, or month, among others – whenever you wish and without significant effort.

4. You can compare your portfolio with those of other investors. You can identify the whole amount of investors and the most outstanding ones, as well as the investors that have a similar size of a portfolio than yours, among others.

Cryptocurrencies, today, have become essential in the lives of many. Because of the lower percentage of fraud, they provide financial security that most banks can’t compete with. This second, the confidence that some investors already have draws attention among people who want to acquire cryptocurrency.

In a not so remote future, cryptocurrencies will become part of our regular daily life. Remember that digital life is uniformly shifting and we have to be prepared and adapt according to everything that may come.

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