FoamWorks Helps Seal Up Air Leaks in Greater Toronto Area Homes

FoamWorks offers spray foam installation services for home in the Greater Toronto Area to help homeowners seal up air leaks and lower their energy bills.

Mississauga, ON – Specializing in the installation of spray foam insulation, FoamWorks offers services to help Greater Toronto Area homeowners seal up air leaks in their attics, basements, crawl spaces, windows, and foundations. Air leaks in the home are a common cause for excessive energy and hydro bills each year.

While these gaps may not seem like they are that big, they do have a major impact on the costs to heat and cool homes. FoamWorks provides a variety of different spray foam insulation services to address air leaks in different areas of the home including:

  • Cold or Warm Air Drafts
  • Uneven Temperatures in Different Rooms of the Home
  • Air Drafts Coming from the Attic
  • Air Leaks Under Main Level Floors

Spray foam allows homeowners to increase the amount of current insulation, quickly and easily. With other types of insulation products adding them post-construction to a home can result in major renovation expenses.

Drywall may have to be removed in large sections to be able to add convention insulation. Not to mention, conventional insulating products do not resolve air leaks, no matter how tightly it is packed.

With spray foam from FoamWorks, increasing the insulation in the home only require minor holes be drilled into walls in key locations. Afterwards, the holes are sealed and refinished, making it almost impossible to tell where they were.

Once the spray foam hardens, it creates a closed cell, non-porous barrier to keep air out of the home. In addition, spray foam insulation from FoamWorks is moisture-resistant, unlike convention insulation which can be prone to issues with moisture from changes in humidity levels.

Another benefit homeowners gain when having spray foam installed by FoamWorks is better thermal insulation results. Low density spray foam has comparable R-value ratings as conventional insulation products. Medium density spray foam has superior R-value ratings that exceed conventional insulation products.

The R-value is the thermal resistance of the insulation. The higher the R-value the better thermal resistance the insulation provides. As such, homes with spray foam insulation tend to have higher R-values and significantly lower heating and cooling expenses.

For additional information about FoamWorks and the company’s various spray foam insulation services, please feel free to visit their official website at or find us on Google Maps.

About FoamWorks

Founded in 2005, FoamWorks offer solutions utilizing spray foam insulation products for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years, the company has helped numerous homeowners improve the insulation in their homes. In addition, FoamWorks works with home builders, contractors, and others to ensure their products are applied professionally and deliver the proper results. FoamWorks is also concerned about the environment and takes a green approach to every project.

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