Barret Tax Law Helps People and Businesses Avoid Costly Tax Penalties During an Audit

Barret Tax Law brings relief and can help businesses and companies of all sizes, as well as private individuals and couples facing an audit by the CRA avoid costly penalties.

Toronto, ON – With a focus in tax law, tax disputes, tax debt, and other tax-related matter, Barret Tax Law is pleased to help people and businesses avoid costly tax penalties during an audit. It is easy for private individuals and couples and businesses to make simple mistakes when filing tax returns.

Accidently transposing a number or forgetting to complete a specific part of a return could have serious financial impacts and consequences. Among those, being audited by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is quite common. The CRA will find mistakes, errors, and omissions.

Unfortunately, the CRA does not care whether the reason for the error that triggered the audit was due to the tax preparer making an accidental mistake. Rather, the CRA is more interested in discovering how much they can charge in penalties. In addition, should they discover mistakes in one year’s return, it could easily trigger an audit of previous years’ returns.

Barret Tax Law helps private individuals and couples, as well as businesses of all sizes when they have been notified by the CRA they are being audited. It is better to seek legal representation from a skilled and experienced tax lawyer at Barret Tax Law than face the CRA alone.

Dealing with the CRA can be stressful and overwhelming. Understanding tax laws, the reason for the audit and what penalties the CRA is assessing can be very confusing for most people. Barret Tax Law acts as a buffer between the CRA and the clients they represent.

By utilizing the services of this tax law firm, people can have faith their tax lawyer is working in their best interests. In fact, Barret Tax Law has a successful track record in getting tax bills reduced, penalties and interest reduced or eliminated, working out a fair and reasonable payment plan on unpaid taxes, and stopping harassment by the CRA.

For additional information about Barret Tax Law and the tax law firm’s various services, including tax audit, please feel free to visit their official website at or contact a representative by phone at 877-882-9829.

About Barret Tax Law

At Barret Tax Law, each of their client’s tax problems are considered their tax problems. Taking this approach has allowed the tax law firm and tax lawyers the opportunity to help and assist numerous clients facing a variety of tax issues and problems. From tax disputes and objections to audits and settling the tax debt, Barrett Tax Law has helped people and businesses all throughout Canada achieve the best outcomes possible. 

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