Passi & Patel Criminal Lawyers Reminds People to Avoid Harassing Others Online

Passi & Patel Criminal Lawyers wants to remind people they could be charged with criminal offences for harassing behaviours on social media channels and online forums.

Brampton, ON – With a primary focus on criminal law matters, Passi & Patel Criminal Lawyers wants to remind people to avoid engaging in harassment and harassing behaviours online towards others. In response to the growing usage of social media technologies, criminal laws have had to adapt and be updated to reflect how people could potentially violate the law.

One of these areas has to do with the laws regarding harassment. Criminal harassment encompasses a wide range of various types of activities that are considered illegal. One such activity that is defined as harassment is stalking. In today’s cyber age, stalking via social media channels is on the rise.

People think just because they are intentionally following another online while exhibiting harassing conduct, they are not committing a crime. However, once they engage in harassing conduct, they could very well be charged with criminal harassment if the person they are following fears for their safety and wellbeing.

Another form of harassment activity conducted online is shaming another on their social media pages. Purposely shaming another in online forums could be viewed as criminal harassment if the person being shamed starts to fear for their safety.

An extension of shaming is bullying and is also growing in usage in online forums. Purposely making comments against another where they fear for their safety could be considered criminal harassment. In addition, if the comments made contain threats against another, the person that posted them could also face criminal charges for uttering threats.

Online forums and social media can be great tools to communicate with others and make new friends from all over the world. However, one does need to consider how their posts and comments could be viewed by others. If it makes them fear for their life or feel threatened, one could end up being charged with a criminal offence.

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