Gifted Author’s Book: Comparison between Biblical Character and America

Tulsa, Oklahoma – April 26, 2018 – Samson: The Modern Day America, a book written by author Stephen Ray Williams has posed a thought provoking question, “Is America doomed?” Williams makes a detailed comparison between, Samson, the strong man in the Bible’s Old Testament who slew a thousand of Philistine soldiers with just the jawbone of an ass.

The writer likens America, the most powerful nation in the world with Samson after the latter fell prey to the beautiful and cunning Delilah. His pitch is, “Does America and Samson share the same destiny?”

Stephen Williams was able to present an exhaustive analysis and discussed correlated facts these two similar influential figures share. Of course, the book starts with Samson’s life and how God appointed him to be the final judge of the Israelites and defeat the Philistines. Then, Williams compares the strongman with America, which used to represent a populace that sought a place of veneration and service to God.

They obtained and possessed the power that other nations dreamed of, but a common Achilles’ heel led them both to annihilation or downfall. Readers will ultimately find out the reasons behind a great man’s collapse and the dreadful resemblance to the struggles of the mighty country. Samson: The Modern Day America is the key to a besieged nation’s deliverance.

The author’s arguments invite attention to the deteriorating spirituality of the USA as well as the growing gap in America’s relationship with God. The book focuses on the straying from God of the American people.





About Stephen Ray Williams

Stephen Ray Williams used to work as an electrician. He was bestowed with a natural flair and superb aptitude in mathematics. In fact, he taught second-semester mathematics class at the tender age of 11 years. Because of his analytical mind, he garnered a chess trophy (third in the State in the Junior Division) at 13 years old. Stephen also won an award for the world’s largest unofficial “Magic Math Square” in his 9th-grade science fair at the age of 14. This was a world record.

He mentored one class at the Oral Roberts University in Number Theory with two mathematics formulas he discovered. His math formula was copyrighted before he has received a 54- page report from Bailey University saying they have never seen a formula that would do what his formula does. Stephen also obtained a Doctor of Naturopathy Certificate for a drug-free medical remedy. He played the cornet (small trumpet-like instrument) for five years and fiddle for another five years. The author square-danced for seven years and took part in two square-dance exhibition groups joining 15 clubs all in all.

Williams wrote a praise song, one hymn, and another fiddle hoedown. He also composed several poems about his best friend (an orange tabby cat he called “Tiger Ray”). These poems were published in eight books, two of which were global. One of the poems became a song for national release. His favorite place for relaxation and vacation is the Billy Graham Training center at the cove in Ashville North Carolina.

Stephen Ray Williams’s favorite quote is from Daniel Webster, “If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its instructions and counsel, there is no telling how great a catastrophe shall come upon us and bury our glory in profound obscurity”.

I read where in the library of congress is a plaque which reads quotes, “when a nation forgets its beginnings, it begins to decay”. Have we forgot our beginning as a nation or our new beginning in Christ? Says Williams.

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