TrueChain Media Advisory Revenge of the Nerds: CTOs Take the Lead of Technology Companies

San Francisco, California – April 26, 2018 – The world of emerging technology, particularly in the blockchain space, is fast becoming more important than the finance piece of new startups.  Just ask Eric Zhang, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of TrueChain, the leading public blockchain company with technology teams in Bangalore, Boston, and Beijing.  “Technology is God,” he says with a wry smile, “It is all about getting the platform on the main net, tested and true.” 

With all the new blockchain platforms being developed around the world, TrueChain’s leadership on that front is becoming increasingly evident.  For its open source platform, TrueChain has chosen Hybrid Consensus because of its robust scalability of node numbers, which allows high-performance transaction processing when the number of opponents of BFT participants fall below the threshold in a stable Internet environment.  Also, Hybrid Consensus has clear security assumptions which are more supportive of Dapps as compared to Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) designs.  That technical jargon simply means that TrueChain’s platform will provide solutions that meet the coming demand for public chain infrastructure.  In short TrueChain’s technology rocks because it is easy to use for programmers and consumers alike.

Technology is also fast eclipsing finance, giving an advantage of technology-centric leadership rather than the money folks calling the shots.  “What we saw at the Cardinal Pitch Club at the Stanford University Faculty Club back on March 1 of this year was that funding is no longer the issue confronting the emerging technology startups.  Getting the right technologists to develop a killer platform is the real challenge,” said Professor James Cooper of California Western School of Law, who is directing U.S. operations for TrueChain.

“This is a big change from a few years ago.  Every pitch we witnessed at Stanford and everywhere else lately has been a pitch for engineers,” explains Cooper,  “That’s what’s great about TrueChain.  This company is about engineering first.  It’s run by an engineer.  Technology is first and foremost.  The bean counters come in later.”

The technology team at TrueChain is taking advantage of the hackathons that Zhang’s other company, DoraHacks, have been organizing around the globe.  “This year, we are organizing hackathons in 10 different countries – in Asia, Europe and North and South America,” explains Zhang.

The next hackathon hits San Francisco for 24 hours straight on April 28 and 29 at Impact Hub at 1885 Mission Street. Over one full day and night, more than one hundred and twenty hackers will convene to solve complex problems that have commercial or social impact.   This hackathon builds on the successes of two hackathons that Dorahacks produced in Beijing and Seoul, South Korea, over the April 14-15 weekend, a strategic challenge.  “We have a great team, and more importantly, we are coming up with great Dapps to bring to market in the next month or two.”  With more and more commercial Dapps in development and ready for deployment, the race is on.

“This is a competition not unlike what we saw decades ago in the home video market.  It was essentially a contest between two standards – Beta and VHS,” explains Professor James Cheng, Chief Strategy Officer of TrueChain.  “VHS eventually won out because Philips was able to release more content.  TrueChain is aiming to release more real-world, commerce-oriented Dapps on its platform than any other company in the space.”

In the coming two months, TrueChain will be releasing its Stellar-TrueChain contract lifecycle management platform, Dapp Warehouse-TrueChain decentralized application warehouse, TrueScan Explorer and TrueChain Light Wallet. With these signature advances, TrueChain is set to lead the public blockchain space.

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