The US Exchange Merge Blockchain (EMBC) and the Chinese PD-Online Merge Offline Application Community participated in the first world blockchain conference

The first world blockchain conference 3 o’clock Summit will be held in Macau from 23rd to 25th of April 2018. It was held for the first time in Macau with the host of Galaxy International, Sun Dui and the founder of 3 o’clock (Chinese: San Dian Zhong) Yu Hong. The US Exchange Merge Block Chain (EMBC) and the Chinese PD-Online Merge Offline Application Community also attended this grand conference. The US EMBC technology is the online and offline technology for cross-border, inter-bank currency exchanges and for the node-less deployment of blockchain 3.0 in the future. It builds upon the original ecosystem created through blockchain technology. This includes various upload nodes, audit nodes, and supervisory nodes. It can perfectly handle the entire production process from raw materials to production, processing, sales, and logistics, ensuring that the products that received by the consumers are genuine. The introduction of the United States’ EMBC technology by PD-Online Merge Offline is to be used for distributed and irrevocable technology. This enterprise establishes the concept of relatively genuine products for a more convenient and quick cross-banking, cross-border, online and offline exchange consumption in the consumer’s mind.

It is well understood that PD is another self-developed app under Shenzhen Qianhailai Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is based on the latest business concept of online merge offline (OMO), cross-border integration services, and in-depth development of the use of points. It is committed to becoming the largest cross-border currency exchange service provider in China for both electronic business and physical stores.

What is the Exchange Merge Block Chain (EMBC)?

The EMBC strives to build the world’s first online product sales tracing chain and uses blockchain technology to combine the applications of the commodity retail industry to establish an online commodity framework consisting of a series of decentralized applications.

EMBC stands for Exchange Merge Blockchain. The EMBC is intended to create a citation system with a full and trustworthy identity, allowing the digital goods recorded in the communication chain to have real digital identities which are checkable and are easy to trace. Using blockchain technology to truly create the world’s first online product sales traceability chain, users can really benefit from blockchain technology and purchase network products easily.

The use of blockchains in the online shopping commodity market has been considered as a new industry opportunity. Whether it is for anti-counterfeiting, traceability, digital rights, or peer-to-peer trading, the traditional online shopping industry has not yet reached as deep a level. Nowadays, with the rise of digitalization, EMBC brings new opportunities to the traditional online shopping industry. The creation of a mobile online merchandise sales trading environment is expected to promote the transition from the online shopping commodity market to the digital economy era bringing a shared digital concept. This is exactly why the EMBC was founded.

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