From Divorce Filings to General Dissatisfaction, New Relationship Program Is Transforming Couples’ Relationships

Relationship Passion creators and coaches, Brian & Mesia Swan
A new online program uses actual research findings and an evidence-based approach to resolve couples’ issues and restore trust and passion to a relationship. Successful relationship coaches Brian and Mesia Swan have taken the best findings and strategies from real studies and experts and condensed it into a revolutionary new program designed specifically for the challenges of the post-honeymoon phase of a relationship.

By Zoey Thompson

Salt Lake City, UT – Failed relationships are all too common in modern America.  Couples today face a very different relationship landscape and culture than those of yesteryear and sometimes require assistance and support to keep a relationship or marriage afloat through life’s sometimes stormy seas. Popular relationship coaches Brian and Mesia Swan have personally been through the storm and come out the other side. After their own experience they began researching the latest in medical and behavioral science. That research led them to a unique approach that has successfully pieced back together countless couples in the throes of general dissatisfaction and even divorce. The one-on-one successes that they have had with those couples has now been transformed and condensed into a downloadable mp4 program that couples can use to patch up their wounds and reignite the passion they once felt in the early stages of the relationship. And this time, make it last.

“We have been down that road ourselves,” says Brian Swan. “Once that honeymoon phase is over and life intrudes, relationships will go from ‘hot to not’ and then sour.  We were headed for divorce when we both decided to make a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. We owed that to each other. Today, I’m so glad to report that we made the right decision because we are happier and more passionate than ever.”

As an attorney, Brian drafted his own divorce papers and was ready to terminate the marriage, but before doing so, the couple decided to research why it was that they were struggling to fulfill each other even though they felt like they were both giving each other their all. Instead of simply researching relationships, they went deep—they looked at the medical studies on men and women individually, the male and female brain, peer reviewed studies, evolution of the sexes, and masculine and feminine identities. After successfully rebooting their own relationship, the happy couple began teaching other couples the findings of the research and their unique 4-element approach to rejuvenating love and restoring what was lost. Today, the Swans are popular coaches and speakers who maintain that it is possible to restore those feelings and recharge a dying relationship.  The strategies they have advocated for, as well as, the information and science behind them are now encapsulated in their new online programs.

“’Ignite Your Passion’ is our first program,” Mesia says. “It explains why we get addicted to our partner early on and why those feelings dissipate later, along with how to bring them back and hold onto them. We go into the research of men and women, their actual needs, and hormones  so that people understand fully what is happening, why they feel what they feel, and how to put the spice back into their relationship no matter what the circumstances are. Our next program, ‘Fuel the Fire’ picks up where the first series leaves off and gives people advanced concepts and strategies on how to pour gas on that passion and prevent it from dying out.”

Both programs offer an mp4 format that can be listened to at home, in the car, or on the run, as well as, downloadable workbooks to study and take notes from. The programs can be bought individually or as a package. For people who continue to require guidance, the couple offers one-on-one coaching.

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