IHT Holds Real Estate Press Conference in Japan

Blockchain technology to assist in the upgrade of Karuizawa Timeshare Resort

SAN JOSE, Calif. – IHT today announced their strategic partnership in Tokyo, Japan with the Karuizawa Timeshare Resort using blockchain technology. IHT Founder and CEO Ricky Ng, Bagatelle Co. Ltd. Managing Director Tatsuya Sejima, Gravity Venture Capital Y&J Founding Partner and CEO Zhouying Dai, JINSE Co-Founder Yang Tong and several other high-profile Japanese influencers were in attendance: Masaharu Nakagawa, Senior Vice President of Innovation Promotion Office, Business Planning & Coordination Department, Development Bank of Japan; Masaru Ohnishi, Senior Analyst of Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute; LaSalle Investment Management; NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting media; The Nikkei, Japan’s largest financial newspaper and Nikkei Business Publications, Japan’s largest financial newspaper attended this conference together.


The Karuizawa Timeshare Resort project, ATO (Asset Tokenize Offering), will be sold formally on IHT’s platform, which will lower the threshold for participation as the right-to-use can be broken into smaller pieces. Not only can one enjoy a six-star luxury vacation for an incredibly low price but can also attain additional value-added services. The entire process uses blockchain technology which allows users to enjoy more openness and transparency at every turn, as well as more secure and convenient operations, which are all unique attributes of the blockchain. The Karuizawa Timeshare Resort project is an important high-end tourism project of the Karuizawa government. IHT is supporting the Karuizawa Timeshare Resort project through project financing, marketing and service management; which will be able to attract users from across the globe who can bring more life into the Japanese real estate market.


“IHT is determined to create a blockchain-driven real estate plus financing management platform,” said Ricky Ng, IHT founder and CEO. “Our exploration to bring together blockchain and real estate management is an important outcome from the cooperation between us. IHT has always been devoted to the amalgamation of blockchain technology and the traditional travel real estate market, where we can create a completely new travel real estate model based on blockchain.” The Karuizawa Timeshare Resort project is an important Japanese travel destination and will serve as IHT’s entrance into the Japanese high-end real estate travel market. “Not long ago, we established a joint global real estate blockchain research institute with the World Blockchain Organization/Incubator Center. Both parties will focus together on digitized real estate transactions, innovation in financing models and other areas of research. This cooperation and research will quickly propel the implementation of globalized ATO projects,” said Ng. Tatsuya Sejima, Director of the Karuizawa Timeshare Resort project, said, “IHT is the world’s first real estate-blockchain cloud transaction platform, and it will help us use blockchain technology to record complex industry data while maintaining openness and transparency. The project will also greatly reduce the financing time and reduce managerial challenges for the project.”

Blockchain technology is unique for its high-level of transparency and security. In real estate management, this possesses unique advantages. During recent years in global real estate markets, the resort industry’s market presence and future resource development is expected to continually climb, and the use of blockchain technology with resorts will become an applicable model. It is reported that IHT and their first ATO project, the Karuizawa Timeshare Resort, conducted the first round of presales on their official platform from April 9to April 25, 2018with positive results. After the announcement at the conference regarding the formal sale of the ATO product, both parties will begin conducting in-depth research on blockchain technology conversion, real estate blockchain commercial models, project financing and user service management. IHT has previous experience with the Japanese real estate industry by partnering with ePrint (1884), which is a Hong Kong listed group that jointly operates a Japanese real estate firm called the Cherry Blossom Real Estate Firm. Users can use IHTPay, which is a payment tool based on an IHT project, to purchase Japanese real estate from several sources.

With both parties working together, IHT can utilize their experience and advantages in the real estate blockchain field to create a blockchain-driven real estate plus financing management platform. In the future, IHT will increase their speed of expansion and implementation into the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries, with the goal to increase circulation efficiency of real estate in the global market and create more value for the industry.


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IHT, the world’s first real estate blockchain transaction cloud platform, is a smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology developed for splitting real estate, which utilizes blockchain’s intrinsic advantages such as trustless mechanism, anti-tamper, co-supervision and traceability.

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