JSECoin Offers a Straightforward Platform to Mine Cryptocurrency in a Web Browser

Why is everyone talking about cryptocurrency and can it really take over from government-controlled currencies in the future?

Over the last few years cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have been growing to a point where they are attracting interest from outside the geeky circles of coders that created them. Now with a market capitalisation of over $400 billion USD, the industry is maturing and wide stream adoption seems ever more likely.

However, even though cryptocurrency is talked about more and more, that does not mean it has become any less confusing. Many people find it difficult to fully understand what cryptocurrency is or how it works. Furthermore, most cryptocurrencies in general tend to waste a large amount of unnecessary energy. If cryptocurrency is the way of the future, it needs to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

That is what JSECoin helps to provide a solution to. JSECoin helps to simplify cryptocurrency so that more people are able to use it while also cutting down on the wasted energy of traditional blockchain systems.

JSECoin is ultimately a browser crypto mining service that is easy for its clients to understand. There are not any complicated windows of information that need to be kept track of. Clients who are interested in browser mining only need to set up an account using their email address. After that an individual only needs a website or a web browser to mine cryptocurrency funds directly into their online wallet.

People are able to use JSE tokens to make purchases on other sites that accept JSECoins as a currency or after the ICO this summer use 3rd party exchanges to transfer to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Furthermore, if a client is not satisfied with their JSECoin account, they are able to close the account at any time that they want.

JSECoin demonstrates a genuine care not only for their clients but for the environment as well. JSECoin uses less energy than other Blockchain services by utilising surpluss CPU resources within a web browser. This allows JSECoin to lower their carbon footprint and ultimately set the foundation for a cleaner, more simplified tomorrow.

The publisher opt-in notification is displayed across more than ten thousand websites and is seen millions of times each day. After the ICO this summer when the token becomes exchangeable for BTC/ETH/USD/EUR we expect these volumes to soar giving us the exposure we need to reach mainstream adoption.

If you are interested in joining the project, please visit the website where you can sign up for an account on the platform or get whitelisted for the ICO.

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Phone: 07902598444
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