Specialized Travel Agency Helps Muslims Book Umrah or Hajj Trips to Saudi Arabia

Ontario, Canada – Planning any trip is an important ordeal. Going on a trip involves weeks of planning everything that leads up to it, including transportation, and any activities that are going to be enjoyed on the trip. Many travellers find the best way to make the trip less stressful is to entrust the planning of the trip to the professionals who have special cost saving packages already prepared. However, not all trips are the same, and many travellers desire something more than a generic tourist experience.

For Muslims, the most important travelling experienceis to Makkah and Madina for Hajj and Umrah, where the objective is not merely a vacation, but instead it’s a spiritual journey of a lifetime. Now, there is finally a specialized travel agency that helps with these important excursions. Umrah Packages helps Muslims to book their Umrah or Hajj trips to make the most of the trip for a fulfilling experience.

Umrahpackages.ca helps to make every person’s experience the best it can possibly be because of a deep care that they have for their customers. They understand that the process of enjoying the trip begins before the person even leaves their home. That is why Umrah Packages helps people with all the planning aspects and knows where to find the best deals. This includes arranging flights, finding hotels, meal plans,instructional classes, securing the travel visas, required vaccinations and necessary documents as well as preparing day trips to the appropriate “must see” holy sites.  Suitable and knowledgeable tour guides and Islamic Scholars in Makkah and Madina are also arranged to ensure the whole experience is realized to its full potential.  The people at this agency support their clients from the very beginning to make sure that the trip runs smoothly from the moment that it begins.

Furthermore, they understand that different payment plans will work for different people. Thus, they offer a wide variety of payment plans that are geared towards the specific needs of their individual clients, no matter if their clients are looking for a luxury package or an economy package.

Extended layovers can also be arranged to allow visits to popular Islamic destinations such as Turkey, Malaysia, Jordan, Palestine, Dubai and more.  For those looking to add a trip to their native country immediately following their Hajj or Umrah trip, their clients are also offered excellent deals when adding flights to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Europe or Africa to the itinerary.  Additionally, individualized payment plans are just one of the many ways that Umrah Packages forms personal and important relationships with their clientele.

Aside from this friendly customer service relationship, Umrah Packages offers many high-value quality services and packages. These packages are offered all throughout Canada in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Regina, and Winnipeg. All these packages and services are geared towards helping their clients plan the best trip for them in the easiest and most convenient way possible. There are also new seasonal packages that are constantly being offered where their clients have the option to travel with a group, which includes a dedicated scholar and tour guide to make sure that the trip is more memorable and rewarding.

With all the travel agencies on the market, it can be difficult to find one that will not plan a generic tourist trip void of much of the spirituality. Umrah Packages strives to ensure that their clients find the best deals on the market, whether they are going to Makkah and Madina or anywhere else.

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