Best iPad Air Cases Revealed by Tablet Things

Tablet Things recently published an in-depth guide reviewing the best iPad air cases without keyboards. The comprehensive review helps consumers make informed decisions when it comes to choosing protection for their costly iPad Air tablets.

Having multiple options, including different price points, designs, colors, material, and features, is, usually, good for a competitive market. However, numerous brands and options can make it difficult for consumer to choose one good case out of the lineup. In Tablet Things’ extensive reviews, experts break down the features and explain technical terms in easy-to-use language, so consumers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

Apple’s new iPad Air is a lot thinner and streamlined than its’ predecessor, which means that there’s even more need for protective covering for the very expensive sheet of glass. Some consumers shudder at the thought of hiding the tablet’s sleek and minimalistic design. However, even Apple agrees that it’s an investment worth protecting. The company announced new versions of the magnetic Smart Case and Smart Cover to protect the tablet. While the cases maintain Apple’s unmistakable aesthetic, there are many other worthwhile options on the market.

The launch of every new iPad carries with it a new injection of cases and covers on the market. Tablet Things’ review of the best iPad Air case provides cheaper and sometimes better alternative to the Apple’s versions available in their iStore. On the list of reviewed cases, there are thin skins for style-minded consumers and thicker, chunky cases for those who want to protect their tablets from repeated abuse.

“I have a hard time purchasing anything without reading extensive reviews,” says Laura Butler. “Once I purchased my iPad Air, I need a couple cases to express my individual style and to protect my investment. I had no idea there were so many options for covers, and I just didn’t know where to start. Keyboard or no keyboard? Did I want Bluetooth, smartcover, something else? What material did I want? What are the best brands? I had to put everything on paper, and once I identified my needs, I could then decide on the actual case. Tablet Things’ reviews helped me settle on two cases: one for protection and one for style.”

Casey Donalds, the proprietor of Tablet Things, admits that they’re just scratching the surface when it comes to iPad Air cases, but for now the list stands. They plan to update the guide when better models are available. Read this article for a look at the best cases for iPad Air.

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