Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, Kansas City’s Weed Control Company Shares 2018 Tips To Prevent Weeds in the Lawn

Kansas City, KS – As spring arrives, many homeowners in Kansas are bound to experience weed problems in their lawns. Weeds lower crop productivity while displacing natural plant species in the city. With these unwanted plants becoming more resistant to conventional herbicides, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation launches its lawn care programs this year to prevent weed infestations at home.

“We do not play the ‘see the weed, spray the weed, repeat’ game that most lawn care companies employ today. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation seeks to treat the underlying problem, and not just the symptom. We believe that a thick, healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds, hands down. That’s what we strive to create,” says Wes Ory, the weed control company spokesperson. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation specializes in using environmentally friendly chemicals to kill weeds and retain the fertility of the soil. They pride themselves on lawn programs that aim to control weed growth for good.

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation considers growing a thick and healthy lawn as the single most effective way to get rid of the weeds. The company offers its Eco-Pride Classic Lawn Care Program where they deliver fertilizer and weed control treatments at home throughout the year. Synthetic chemicals go deep into the ground which kills organisms necessary to fertilize the soil, thus making the soil less able to support any plants including grass. This is the reason why other lawn companies are ultimately unsuccessful with their weed control campaign. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation formulated a biological fertilizer that contains no chlorine, has minimal salt content, and facilitates the growth of beneficial microbes.

Weeds are considered the bane of the yard and homeowners resort to various ways of getting rid of these for good. The use of herbicides only provides a short-term solution to eradicating weeds. With the issue of herbicidal resistance becoming common, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation also suggests implementing lawn seeding to the yard. This is done by planting new seeds on a mowed lawn and applying organic fertilizers after that. This weed control company offers premium seed that is 100% pure lawn seeds. Most commercial grass seed contains a percentage of weed seeds. They believe that maintaining lawns will not be very hard once homeowners learn that going organic is the best option for weed control.

Interested homeowners can visit https://www.heritagelawnskc.com/ to know more about their lawn care programs.

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