New book by U.S. Army Veteran explores the never-told-before story of the hardships of women soldiers

U.S. Army Veteran Martina Sneed is soon to launch her new book that entails the untold story of women in military and the ordeals they have to overcome. It also contains a line up of other exciting short stories on relationships.

Yorktown, Virginia – April 27, 2018 – Heroic tales of gallant soldiers are nothing new. But for the first time, a U.S. Army Veteran, Martina Sneed, is going to take the readers on a different journey through her new book that has explored the hardships “women” have to face while being associated with the military. Titled as “Women Left Behind”, the book entails the never-told-before account of the obstacles encountered as a woman soldier and also other short stories on relationships and how these shape up our life.

Women Left Behind” will be officially launched on June 16, 2018. A creative spirit from childhood, Martina Sneed has already written 3 children’s books and the new book is her first publication for adults. 

“We often get to hear the gallant tales of brave soldiers. But my book, despite its story about soldiers, offers something different. Precisely, my book unfolds a tale which nobody has discussed in a wide scale before. ‘Women Left Behind’ explores the untold story of women soldiers and unique hardships they have to suffer in the military being women. It tells the tale from the viewpoint of the woman behind the soldier which the world needs to know”, stated Martina while asked to say a few words about her new book.  

The main story of “Women Left Behind” revolves around 3 brave women of three different generations yet from the same family. All 3 of them have been associated with the military and one by one, they narrate their stories over the course of 3 wars. The first story is of a woman married to a soldier during the Vietnam conflict while the other two are about two women in the Army during the Gulf War and the Operation Iraqi Freedom War respectively. Their tale covers multiple military bases, including Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, Missouri and Korea. The book explores the story of their personal ordeals that they had to face as women in military and how they overcame those challenges with glory.

“I am a US Army Veteran myself and also married to a US Army service member. I do understand the ins and outs of being married and in a relationship with military at the same time. It gets taxing at times but in my situation, you can’t have one without the other. I have worked at the VA hospital which gave me a great opportunity to talk to Vietnam veterans. I was moved by the after effects of the major wars that they and their families had to deal with. Such experiences inspired me to develop the main story of my new book. I have always wished to create something that people will be able to relate to and something that will enable them to help others in future. I hope my new book will help my readers to echo my thoughts and make the world a better place to live in.”

Added to the tales of the 3 brave women soldiers, “Women Left Behind” also brings to the table a series of other captivating short tales that talk about different relationships and how much they influence who we are and who we will become.

“The other short stories in my book cover my viewpoint on various relationships and how honesty, lies and lack of physical presence may affect the next relationship.”

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