Iurii Borysov to Help Sponsor Establishing Holocaust Museum in Chernivtsi

Ukraine Businessman and Others Will Step in to Make the Project Possible

The historic Jewish memorial, “Beit-Kaddishni” or “House of Farewell” in Chernivtsi, South-Western Ukraine, will finally get the respect many feel it is due.  With the private sponsorship from the well-known Ukraine businessman, Iurri Borysov, and a few others as well, the unique ritual structure will be revived.

“I am pleased to be a part of such a worthy project,” state Iurri Borysov.  “I look forward to seeing it completed.”

Iurii Borysov is a prominent businessman in Ukraine who hails from Chernivtsi.  He agreed to take part in the Holocaust Museum project which thrilled those who have interest in it.  Now, negotiations are underway with other individuals, institutions and organizations and with the Austrian Embassy in order to reconstruct the Jewish memorial into a Holocaust Museum.  The Romanian Embassy has expressed an interest in the project as well.

The “Beit-Kaddishni” or “House of Farewell” is a historic Jewish memorial located on the territory of a Jewish cemetary on Zelena (Green) Street that was left untouched by the Nazis in the war.  After the war, however, the Soviet government transformed it into a warehouse that stored row material rather than the religious building it once was.  The transformation was in keeping with the offensive yet “sophisticated” way of destroying the purpose of a religious structure.

The building has sat abandoned since the collapse of the Soviet Union, seen as a symbol of the Soviet era with all its destruction.  The windows are broken and the walls destroyed.  Some of the locals have said that it is symbolic of what the country was led to become following the Jewish migration and downfall of the economy of Chernivtsi.

A group of local activists took another viewpoint on the building, however.  They have proposed to not only to resurrect and restore the building, but to give it a new purpose as well.  Their mission is to establish a Holocaust Museum there.  And now, with the assistance of Iurii Borysov and others who are expected to take part as well, the dream will become a reality.

Up until now, the main obstacle for the project has been funding.  Ng The idea has been in place for several decades but was at a standstill with no money available for the project.  With Iurii stepping in to help with sponsorship, everything is moving forward.

To find out more about the Holocaust Museum in Chernivtsi, visit the website https://www.ushmm.org.

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