Exchange Merge BlockChain (EMBC) – Global network sales traceability platform

The EMBC strives to build the world’s first online product sales tracing chain and uses blockchain technology to combine the applications of the commodity retail industry to establish an online commodity fram ework consisting of a series of decentralized applications. EMBC stands for Exchange Merge Blockchain. The EMBC is intended to create a citation system with a full and trustworthy identity, allowing the digital goods recorded in the communication chain to have real digital identities which are checkable and are easy to trace. Using blockchain technology to truly create the world’s first online product sales traceability chain, users can really benefit from blockchain technology and purchase network products easily.

The use of blockchains in the online shopping commodity market has been considered as a new industry opportunity. Whether it is for anti-counterfeiting, traceability, digital rights, or peer-to-peer trading, the traditional online shopping industry has not yet reached as deep a level. Nowadays, with the rise of digitalization, EMBC brings new opportunities to the traditional online shopping industry. The creation of a mobile online merchandise sales trading environment is expected to promote the transition from the online shopping commodity market to the digital economy era bringing a shared digital concept. This is exactly why the EMBC was founded.

The benefits of Exchange Merge Block Chain (EMBC)

EMBC has the functions such as risk control guarantees, endorsement integrity, access to multiple interfaces, acting as an accessory to different kinds of blockchain application scenarios as well as balancing data transparency and business confidentiality.

1 Risk control guarantee

EMBC records the value exchange process through the history information entry of the selected online shopping products. It greatly increases the transparency of participating parties’ behaviors, improves the accountability of the system, and reduces the credit cost of the system. The digital asset EMBC token is designed with the optional POS method to find out the controllable risk based on the selected online shopping products as value endorsements.

2 Endorsement integrity

EMBC provides endorsement guarantees. All information and data cannot be tampered with. It is easy to trace, and its physical security can be controlled. The automation and trust of the value trading process for point-to-point will not only save time and cost but will also guarantee the fairness of the transaction.

3 Access to multiple interfaces

EMBC makes the blockchain interface a reality including financial interfaces, ERP interfaces, e-commerce interfaces, storage and transportation interfaces and more. EMBC interfaces’ docking data is synchronized, covering the global online shopping market and boosting the project landing application.

4 Acting as an accessory to different kinds of blockchain application scenarios

At the application level, the blockchain can be expected to serve as a platform or even as an individual’s underlying support for various aspects of work or daily life. EMBC provides support for various application scenarios and the different needs of the blockchain in the future through the operation mechanism of modularization, the multi blockchain, and smart contracts.

5 The balance of data transparency and business confidentiality

For enterprises, data confidentiality and security are extremely important, but the open and transparent nature of blockchain makes enterprises worried. EMBC guarantee business data confidentiality and safety on the blockchain through data isolation and audit mechanisms to solve the problems of data transparency and business confidentiality balance.

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