New Ideas and Innovations, LLC Proudly Launches the Ultimate Electric Car for the Future of Road Transportation

Known as EEV-3 or Edward’s Electric Vehicle, the car has unique & unprecedented features that are found in no other modern electric car today.

United States – New Ideas and Innovations, LLC has proudly announced that it is launching an all-new and revolutionary electric vehicle to meet the increasing demands of future electric commute and to greatly reduce emissions. Developed by the company’s owner Edward Heath, this remarkable new vehicle is called ‘EEV-3 or Edward’s Electric Vehicle’. Moreover, the project took five years in the making and the most amazing accomplishment of this 100% electric car is that it will be able to travel hundreds and hundreds of miles on a single charge!

“Our fully 100% electric car technology will travel hundreds and hundreds of miles on a single charge thus lasting days or even weeks depending on 5 driving criteria for a 100% fully electric vehicle.” said Edward Heath, the Owner of New Ideas and Innovations, LLC, while introducing his new electric car. “From a driver’s driving habits to the overall weight of the vehicle and the electric load placement (stereo, headlights etc.) along with the topography or geography it is driven on, we have considered each and every factor involved in the development of this car.” He added.

In addition, the “EEV-3” (Edward’s Electric Vehicle) will be able to save three types of natural resources either to charge an electric vehicle or to propel any vehicle, where it be an internal combustion engine (ICE) or hybrid or fully electric. These resources are crude oil, coal and/or Natural Gas. Furthermore, driving this car with our specially developed “Super Ultra Extended Long Range Electric Vehicle Technology” (SUELREVT) will erase any worry about “range anxiety”.

Besides all these features, the most remarkable benefit of this vehicle is that it is always being charged while being driven! This makes it truly a futuristic technology and will completely eliminate the need of having a giant or heavy battery pack for a longer range. Furthermore, this feature will reduce the charging times while also cutting down the vehicle’s overall weight!

For more information on how to purchase this technology, please email Edward H., the Owner of “New Ideas and Innovations, LLC” at:

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