Elizabeth Campbell starts a YouCaring campaign after suffering multiple losses in life

Elizabeth Brady Campbell, 54 has started a crowdfunding campaign on YouCaring.com to seek financial help from the generous individuals. She is a woman of courage and doesn’t bow down to the atrocities of life but after encountering multiple tragedies, she has decided to ‘fish for life’ again by turning to the masses for help. She has lost two jobs, one at the age of 48 and other at 54. She has also suffered the terrible pain of losing her mother to a tragic accident and now that she is at the lowest point of life, her only hope is this fundraiser which aims to raise $20,000.

If all the tragedies weren’t enough, Elizabeth’s car also caught on fire causing her an income loss from past 7 months. She ran out of money and had no one in the family she could ask for financial help which is why she is requesting all the generous people out there to help her through the YouCaring fundraiser.

Elizabeth has been pushed out of cultural shame and embarrassment to bare her ‘West Indian soul’ for initiating this fundraiser. Despite all the hardships she has been through, she never lost hope and her faith that everything will get better and she can have the life she has always imagined for herself and her father. Elizabeth’s dad is now 94 years old and needs constant care which is why she will also dedicate the funds raised from the campaign to get a larger home for him and move him closer to herself.

“I know a lot of people go through such similar situations to what I’m going through but this what life is and it happens to the best of us. It does not play fair. 

So instead of sinking into pity, poor me and weariness. I decided to do something drastic about it. And it was not easy”, says Elizabeth stating the reason for starting the fundraiser. The success of this fundraiser will make sure that she is back on her feet and recovers from all the setbacks in a better way.

More information about Elizabeth’s and the breakdown of funds can be seen at youcaring.com.

In case of any queries, drop a message to fearlessandsavvyliz@gmail.com.

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