Articlex, the Blockchain based Publishing Platform, ICO starts soon

Articlex is a new Blockchain Project that will start his ICO soon. This project is really innovative and want to totally revolutionize the experiences of the online Publishers in the future. It will do it thanks to a simple interface, advanced functions and mostly thanks to multiple futuristic monetization systems.

All the monetization system works through a new cryptocurrency, the Articlex Token, a simple token that follows the ERC20 standard. Thanks to this technology, the platform will guarantee higher earnings to all the Publishers.

The creation of a blog on the platform will be free, without any cost for hosting. If the publisher wants, he can use a custom domain bought everywhere in the web (in other cases will be provided a free articlex subdomain). “Free” doesn’t mean “low quality”: all the blog of the platform will be hosted in high-quality data centers, with any scalability or speed problem.

Monetization Systems

There are a lot of monetization systems for publishers. The part of the earnings that are detained by the Platform, will be used for the datacenters costs. The detained part will be really small in comparison to the amount detained by the actual Advertising Platform (in addition is important to remember that here there aren’t hosting cost for publishers).

Articlex ADs Network

ADs banners will be automatically shown on the network’s blog, in order to guarantee high earnings for Publishers and small costs for whom buy ADs spaces.

Private ADs Sale

It is possible to create a page for the private sale of the ADs spaces on your own blog.

Articlex “Sell Box”

The sale of digital files in your blog will be possible with the creation of a “Sell Box” in the articles. As an example, this function is perfect to sell ebooks.

Premium Subscriptions

Everyone can create a premium blog or section and ask for periodical payments to allow the reading of articles. This function is really important for online newspapers.

Donation Box

You can ask for donations in your own blog through a specific box. There are specific functions for no-profit organizations.

Other advantages

On Articlex the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy of each blog will be automatically generated in relation to its settings and its contents. Moreover, everyone can write freely without damaging the freedom and the right of other people.

An integrated Wallet and an integrated Exchange will allow an easier use of the Articlex Token. Each account is connected with a wallet where will be sent all the earnings of the monetization systems. In the integrated Exchange, that works with the help of many other exchanges, users can exchange his Articlex Token with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies and viceversa.

Articlex will bring advantages not only to publishers. In fact, this is the first user-customized platform. Users can choose in the settings of their account their favorite template that will be shown on each website they visit in the network. Every developer can sell his Template on the integrated Marketplace, asking for a small payment to allow the use of his theme.

Token Sale and Airdrop

The Articlex Pre-ICO will start on May 15th and will end 15 days later. Instead, the ICO will start on June 15th.

There will be much bonus, based on the Token Sale “round”.

Articlex ICO min cap is 5 MLN USD, hard cap 30MLN USD.

If soft-cap will be not reached, funds will be returned to the investors.

The minimum contribution is 50$, and for the payment are accepted only Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum (through the new service Coinbase Commerce).

Additionally, there will be organized multiple Airdrop that will allow to receive a small amount of free tokens in exchange of simple social actions. The first Airdrop phase will start on May 1st, but there will be a lot of additional Airdrop under the end of ICO.

For more information

For more information about Project and Token Sale visit the official website There you can see more info, Whitepaper, and a simple explainer video.

Telegram: @ArticlexGroup

In case of any queries, drop a message to

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