Kuntai Machinery Introduces Customized Laminating And Bronzing Machines To Global Large Multinationals And Small Individual Companies

Kuntai Machinery is a global supplier of die cutting machine, lamination machine, bronzing machine and other machines. It is located in Shanghai, China. They provide services to large multinationals to the small individual companies.

With the advancement of technology different types of machines like cutting, bronzing, laminating and many diverse methods that have been developed to make the production accessible. In various places, the laminating devices are used for different reasons and a variety of different projects. Lamination preserves the material quality and protects it from getting stained, moisture, cuts, fingerprints and all types of messy things which can make the document filthy.

However, different types of laminating machines are available which are used to manufacture various layers. Increased layers improve the appearance and the quality of the material. Kuntai Machinery is a global supplier of the die cutting, lamination machine, bronzing machines and various types of other devices. They are known to produce machine parts and offer the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available. They have a team of experts who try the latest methods and make the updated machines. They have a substantial self-export capacity that expands the overseas market. 

The company produces a variety of hot melt laminating machine, amongst which PUR is the latest addition. Its features have excellent adhesion and can laminate 99.9% fabrics. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The fabrics are high temperature and low temperature resistant. Moisture does not get easily affected by the temperature after the reaction. This feature is replacing the traditional solvent and the water-based rubber joints. PUR has low precipitation level, mist effectiveness, and excellent color features. It is straightforward to maintain and highly compact.

Kuntai Machinery Introduces Customized Laminating And Bronzing Machines To Global Large Multinationals And Small Individual Companies

Kuntai Machinery is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of a variety of fabric laminating machine. Due to its superior quality, these are demanded in the fabric industries and are admired for its reliability and long service. These are used to coat one layer or multi-layers of adherent on cloth fabric which forms thin films on the surface of fabrics which can be further made waterproof, windproof, breathable. They have a set of experienced staff that adheres to customer-centric service philosophy and wins the trust of the worldwide customers. The organization is one of the best partner to receive customized high end solutions and standard products.      

Membrane laminating machine is also used by the organization, and it is used for laminating nonwoven, knitted fabric, film and other materials. Industries like luggage, bag, sports products, shoe materials, garments dive equipment, and other sectors widely use them.  The machine evenly transfers the oil glue to the material surface through the engraved rollers in a dot shape. The advanced edge alignment and the stretching devices increase the degrees of automation and save labor costs and enhance production efficiency. 

About Kuntai Machinery:

Kuntai Machinery produces R & D of laminating machines and cutting machines. Being an industry leader, they provide innovative solutions in the field of leather, footwear, automotive, textile, packaging, sports goods, etc. To know more, please visit their website or contact 24X7 customer cares.

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