NeoDocto Incorporation’s CEO collaborates with the Honourable Governor of Manipur To Propagate the Malaria Eradication Program In India.

“Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, CEO of NeoDocto, USA colloborating with Ms. Najma Heptulla, Honourable Governor of Manipur, India to Spread NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Program.”
The CEO of Neodocto is making deep rooted efforts to spread malaria eradication awareness in India. These efforts have been influencing great leaders and recently it was welcomed by the highest authority of the state in Manipur. Governor of Manipur extended her complete support for their campaign.

Manhattan, New York (April 30th, 2018) :The Honourable Governor of Manipur, Ms. Najma Heptulla strongly welcomed CEO of NeoDocto, Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa in her office. She full heartedly congratulated the Global President of Neodocto for spreading Malaria eradication awareness in almost 17 states of India.

NeoDocto is a unique kind of technology-based Healthcare App Development Company with their headquarters in the United States of America. Under the leadership of Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, the organization is expanding their operations to different destinations across the world. He recently established a branch for the people of Gardencity of India in Bengaluru. Currently, he is traveling in the state of Manipur and nearby states of India, meeting highly dignified personalities and educating them about the importance of Neodocto Malaria Program.

Honourable Governor of Manipur Ms. Najma Heptulla, who assumed office on the 26th of May 2017. she was born on 13th April 1940 in the state of Bhopal during British Rule and has taken many government roles under the present Prime Minister. She took charge as the Governor of Manipur following Mr. V. Shanmuganathan. She was in the Ministry of Minority Affairs and she was also the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha. She also acted as the MP of Rajya Sabha for Madhya Pradesh state and since 2004, she is associated with Bharatiya Janata Party, before which she was with the Indian National Congress.

At the meeting with the Governor of Manipur, the CEO of NeoDocto explained about the Malaria Eradication Program of NeoDocto and also the social responsibility of the organization to take steps to completely eradicate malaria, which is a major contributor for death among the masses as per the World Health Organization Report in 2015.

After Listening to Mr. Madhukar, Ms. Heptulla expressed her strong support for this program and assured that she would cooperate with Neodocto to execute its strategies in Manipur. Mr. Madhukar explained that after the flood in Assam and Manipur in 2017, both states have become high-risk areas in contracting Malaria and other such diseases. So, he insisted that appropriate measures are to be taken to prevent further deaths caused by Malaria.

He also explained about the promise given by the State Malaria Officer Mr. L. Gojendro to completely eliminate Malaria from the state by the year 2020. So, he stated that it is high time to start the suitable steps.

 About NeoDocto Foundation:

NeoDocto aims at providing health education to the masses with a view to making sure that they lead a disease-free life. The organization takes different initiative for the same and they have been successful in their moves so far. They continue to educate people through different sources like television, radio, articles, and videos and through many other sources.

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