Kuester Management Group Shares HOA Community Safety Tips

Kuester Management Group offers strategies to help HOA communities be more proactive about protecting property and member safety.

In today’s world, one can’t be too safe even in their own neighborhood. Poor lighting, overgrown shrubbery, and speeding cars can all pose a threat and attract suspicious or dangerous activity. However, there are ways that HOA communities can be more proactive in improving safety and reducing risk. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding the importance of everyone working together to be more alert and put effective safety practices in place.

“No one wants to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood or home,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “While HOA communities may not be able to stop all risks, they can be more proactive and include safety precautions in their planning and daily operations. Even just reminding residents to be more alert when out and about and to report anything that seems off can help.”

One of the first lines of defense is members themselves, notes Kuester. Encourage homeowners to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and not be too distracted by their phones or music to pay attention to what is going on around them. Especially at night, they should be listening to and looking at their surroundings.

If residents do notice something concerning, they should know who to call. Does the HOA have a security patrol? Or is there a specific division of local law enforcement assigned to the neighborhood? Have these numbers readily available on the community website and include them in newsletter contact sections. Having officers stop by community events so members get to know who they are and build connections can be helpful as well.

“It’s a well-known phrase nowadays, but remind residents that if they ‘see something, say something’ so law enforcement can check it out,” says Kuester. “If you’re not going to be home for a few days, make sure you let a trusted neighbor know, or have someone come check on your house periodically until you return.”

The HOA can also be proactive by keeping trees and shrubs trimmed so that they do not become overgrown and more inviting for sneaking around. This is something that can be coordinated with the landscaping company for community areas, and similar messaging can be passed along to residents to encourage them to keep their own yard tidy.

Another great option is installing increased safety features. This can be something as simple as motion-sensor lights so that should someone come around community buildings at night, they are more visible. This can help deter break-ins. Having alarm systems in place as well can be beneficial. In addition, homeowners can also install security systems in their homes if they want to increase their safety and alert law enforcement more quickly to activity.

“Another proactive safety measure is budgeting for the installation of speed bumps throughout problem areas in the neighborhood,” says Kuester. “Homeowners may not realize how fast they are going, and appropriately placed speed bumps can encourage them to slow down and be more alert. This is especially important in areas where it may be hard to see, or straightaways where people tend to speed up.” Remind homeowners to use the sidewalks whenever possible and be cautious when crossing streets. Drivers should also always be on the lookout for children or pets that may appear unexpectedly in the street.

Kuester Management Group partners with HOA communities to create a safer, more enjoyable living environment. For assistance with a wide range of HOA activities, including improving safety and communication, contact Kuester today at www.kuester.com.


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