PepperFace for reinventing personal safety – Be Safe Wherever, whenever!

“PepperFace introduces a perfect tool to make students, women, and men stay safe in style.”

PepperFace – is a popular name when it comes to self-defense. Their ultimate goal is to develop a pepper spray in a nonconventional way for personal safety. They aimed high and they achieved it. The company offers standard sprays, predesigned sprays and even inserts that anyone can carry anywhere they go.

Pepper sprays are the most convenient self-defense method that every woman of this day and age needs. Before Pepperface, pepper sprays are usually bulky and inconvenient. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned sprays and say hello to the sleek pepper sprays from PepperFace. These are specifically designed to be dependable and effective in self-defense without compromising the user’s fashion style. Though it is legal to carry pepper sprays in 50 states, there are some states that have specific regulations.

Standard Sprays are the new and the recently improved PepperFace. With its easy release and wrap around safety clip, these are available in 9 colors. Choose from The Jackie, The Elizabeth, The Kate, The Stella, The Audrey, The Coco, The Lady, The Marilyn, and The Diana. This includes 1 HEAT and 1 TEST insert. It can fire up to a 6 to 8 feet distance. This holds 6 to 8 bursts with its 4 grams of true 10% OC formulation. This products are highly durable since its made from an aircraft grade aluminum body and made to be accurate with its straight line activation of cone-shaped spray.

Pre-Designed Sprays come in 14 different colors and designs. They have Strength Symbol, Gold, Fuchsia, Star, Black Diamond, Sapphire, Crystal AB, and Jet Black. They also have the highly fashionable Camouflage, Purple, Crystal, Rose, Aquamarine, and Light Rose. All of the pre-designed units are designed with SWAROVSKI crystals that come with a lifetime warranty. This product also comes with 1 HEAT and 1 TEST insert. The functionality, as well as the strength, are similar to the PepperFace Standard Sprays.

PepperFace Inserts are used to practice the sprays before taking it out to the public. There are 2 different inserts available. The TEST is water based. This is ideal for testing before taking it to the public. The HEAT insert has the actual Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) in them. This is not advisable to be used for practice. It can be highly dangerous and cause damage to the eyes as well as the respiratory functions.

The PepperFace sprays and inserts are made of an aluminum casing and are lifetime guaranteed. The HEAT inserts can last for 18 months to 24 months. After 2 years, it is advised to refill the HEAT inserts. The TEST inserts, on the other hand, can last for up to 24 months. The old PepperFace inserts are not compatible with the new sprays and vice versa. The new PepperFace is not all about the appearance but also with how far the spray can reach. It has more power and better than the old design.

PepperFace is owned and managed by Brian Pennington. The business all started when Pennington and his wife came too close with a tragedy in 2006. The couple used the incident as an inspiration to create the superior pepper sprays which have now reached hundreds if not, thousands of people all across the United States.

PepperFace can be reached by phone at 312-285-2980. Visit their website, where they have a complete catalog of their products. Find the best fashionable pepper sprays on the market these days from their collection. There are sprays for students, men, and women. Choose your style and be ready and safe anytime!

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