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The Most Influential and Professional Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in US

30 Apr, 2018 – New York – cosmetic surgery clinic comes up with their new branch in the US. They have 90 in house doctors and have conducted more than 1500 successful cosmetic surgeries under their belt that makes them the best plastic surgeons in New York. They perform different cosmetic procedures for both men and women.

Their major services include breast, body, face and skin. They perform from basic cosmetic surgery to rhinoplasty to hymenoplasty. The panel of is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Their numerous procedures provide patients a second chance at life. At patient safety is taken under serious consideration.

One of the doctors from the panel explained that how these surgeries are covered under insurance when the procedure is an exceptional condition. They iterated that how a doctor can be qualified but cannot be an expert in delivering a 100 percent success rate. But at they make sure the procedures is done by an experienced doctor of that field.

They have a listed panel of doctors who administer these procedures. They make patient aware on being cautious of the practices who are providing cosmetic surgeries at low prices. They strongly recommend checking the certification of the doctors before they go through the procedure.

When asked about the recovery period the doctors explained that it depends upon the type of surgery the patient has gone through. They make sure that the patients knows the side effects which they may experience after the surgery beforehand to make up their mind about the procedure. The physicians in the panel in their session with the patient let them know their recovery period so that they can apply for leave or manage time accordingly.

The doctors encouraged the will to question any doubt one has in mind. They even motivated to note down questions from their website and any other question the patient likes to ask on their first appointment. They believe that an efficient consultation session can make a difference between a flawless plastic surgery and a botched one. has a strong team of best plastic surgeons in New York who guide the patient before and through the surgery. They believe in honesty is the best policy so they make sure the patient knows what he/ she is going into. They explain the risk, alternate options and the precautions the patients need to take. They fix different sessions with different doctors from the panel so that the patient has a proper knowledge of before and after the procedure.

They don’t provide discounts or price cuts of any kind as they believe in quality work and no shady business. They very clearly state that these procedures are expensive due to the serious nature of the surgery and tools involved in it. They make sure to provide their patients with the top notch equipment and quality experienced doctors to make every penny worth and flawless treatment.

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