Paul Samakow, Personal Injury Lawyer to Help People in Vienna, VA

Vienna, VA – Accidents happen anytime, and the injuries caused by these accidents are not only painful; they can be costly too. Not only do victims have to deal with the physical pain that the accident has inflicted, but they also have to deal with its effect on their mental health. The recovery process may take a while, and it can jeopardize even their jobs while the medical bills rapidly increase. Since accidents due to someone’s negligence are one of the most unfortunate events that can happen to anyone, it is essential that victims know where to turn to first. That is what the law offices of Paul Samakow are for. Paul Samakow is a personal injury lawyer ready to help accident victims in Vienna, VA. The lawyers help their clients by pursuing claims on their behalf, focusing particularly on auto accidents.

According to their website, “The Law Offices of Paul A. Samakow, P.C., deal exclusively with representing injured people. We consider that each client is our biggest case. The focus is solving problems, and where we can assist, we do, even in matters which are not traditionally “legal representation”. By way of example, in automobile collision cases, many law firms are not willing to help their clients resolve matters relating to car repair, and car rental. We take on these things routinely. We know the problems injuries bring, and we proactively get involved to minimize all of these concerns.”

Paul Samakow, personal injury lawyer Vienna, can help his clients pursue their claims so that their medical treatments are paid for. This includes their hospitalization expenses, doctor’s fees, medications, and others. If the accident has created a severe impact and made the victim unable to work, the personal injury lawyer can help them obtain their lost salary. Paul Samakow is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Vienna, VA. Atty. Samakow has been in this field for more than 30 years now. He is a member of numerous organizations that focus on educating and helping accident victims. His firm is committed to giving 110% services to their clients. They have decades of experience when it comes to legal representation and obtaining shreds of evidence that will support their client’s case.

Paul Samakow can be contacted through his website at The law firm can also be contacted via phone number 703-854-9288 or via email at They are located at 8230 Old Courthouse Rd. #430, Vienna, VA 22182.


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