Icelandic startup AirP2P promises everyone equal access to sophisticated computers utilizing blockchain technology


AirP2P has created a token anchored on ground-breaking Blockchain technology which is  scheduled for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in June 3, 2018.  The networks website is going live earlier in May 18.

Icelandic siblings Kristinn Spence and Sigurður Benediktsson came up with this ingenious and useful concept. Kristinn is the project manager while Sigurður is chief executive officer of the company with a team of IT and web development experts under them. They are also very familiar with the Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency ICOs.

Kristinn said they are the founders of AirP2P. “We are building a revolutionary technology that will allow everyone worldwide access to sophisticated computers through their own computers for processing or video games,” AirP2P’s project manager explained. The new technology is a boon for students and gaming enthusiasts who do not have enough money to buy expensive and advanced PCs or laptops.

Blockchain has a data structure with a related set of algorithms designed for the distribution, storage, and access to data. Computer apps make use of Blockchain protocols in ensuring that access to data is authorized, verified, and secure as a result of the architecture’s one of a kind distributed nature. Blockchain supports verification as well as transfer of digital information for practically everything minus the use of intermediaries.

The 26-year old Kristinn is tech-savvy with plenty of experience in technology, cryptography, programming, and marketing. Kristinn has a degree in CMPS along with project management expertise.  Sigurður owns a travel company and has been CEO for the last four years. He also headed several enterprises in the past.

Meanwhile, the Blockchain seems the perfect technical cornerstone for a global and tension-free cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or GameCredits (GAME) currency. Each unit of virtual currency is indexed with transactions recorded in a protected and authentic open ledger. Users who conduct the transaction are assured of privacy and provided with verifiable records.

The Blockchain platform thrives because of its usefulness. There are various systems for transferring funds from one individual to another. It is convenient as well because Blockchain applies to the gaming environment. The bottom line is the same regardless of technology utilized. In other words, Blockchain is unique compared to other solutions because of its convenience.

The chain’s data and cryptocurrency transfers are executed as “smart transactions” that occur without the need for brokers. All steps of transactions are stored as blocks in the chain with every block having pointers for the preceding and following block. In other words, Blockchain data is everlasting, private, and safe. With the blockchain, there is no need to remit payments to a bank to retain funds in escrow. Both buyers and sellers can conduct their transactions easily and promptly in a verifiable environment.

The website of AirP2P is Interested and investors can check out the relevant information once it is live.

Website Goes Live on May 18.

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