London residents benefit from two Alliance Medical diagnostic imaging centres in the city

Whilst there may be more than a few centres for medical and diagnostic imaging in London alone, Alliance Medical boasts not just one but two centres for diagnostic medical services, allowing clients to have more choices depending on their availability, proximity to the centre, and more.

UNITED KINGDOM – 30 Apr, 2018 – Not many clients may be aware of this fact, but Alliance Medical has actually been operating in and around Europe for almost 25 years. Its two and a half decades of service has allowed Alliance Medical to establish a solid and stable reputation, not just amongst clients and patients, but also amongst numerous medical specialists and practitioners. In fact, there are many practitioners and specialists in London who have been relying on the diagnostic tools and services of Alliance Medical for years.

One aspect which makes Alliance Medical more respected than most is its flexibility. It is a private centre, but its services are also available to the NHS and to other clinics. Alliance Medical also takes pride in the fact that it offers a comprehensive package. The company confirms, “Across the business, we also offer a comprehensive service package and can manage the patient pathway from initial referral to the provision of a reported image. This is supported by our national Patient Management Centre based in Warwick.” Alliance Medical further adds, “We are part of the Alliance Medical Group, which means that we enjoy the benefits of the combined expertise and resources of a larger European organisation, whilst retaining a solid understanding of the needs of our UK customers.”

For clients and patients who are currently residing in or near London, Alliance Medical is also glad to confirm that it has two centres within the city as well. There are two scanning centres for Alliance Medical which are both located in the centre of London, so clients in the area can easily choose which centre they will visit. Needless to say, both centres are fully equipped with all the equipment necessary for medical and diagnostic imaging and offer services that include MRI, PET/CT, CT, X-ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, and so on.

The first Alliance Medical centre in London is located on Bulstrode Place, 10-11, which is just off Marylebone Lane. The second Alliance Medical centre in the heart of the city is on Harley Street, specifically 136 Harley Street.

About the company:

Alliance Medical has made a name for itself in medical imaging services due to its commitment to its clients and its use of only the most advanced and high-end technology and tools. To get more info about Alliance Medical’s services, which include a private pet scan in London, check out the Alliance Medical site. 

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