Introducing Q.TK QR Code Scanner – A Rеvolution in QR Scanning Applications

Apr 30, 2018 – Q.TK QR Code Scanner announced the release of its new QR Code Scanner app for Apple and Android. The Q.TK Scanner is a completely free to use, AD free app, designed to be the most advanced QR Scanning app available on the planet today.

The app has the ability to quickly, easily and accurately scan QR codes whenever, wherever and however you need to. Created with incredibly sophisticated technology, Q.TK Scanner is truly one of a kind. The app features reliable, fast, and powerful technologies, combined with an easy to use interface. It doesn’t matter your experience level, in a matter of moments you can have the app downloaded and ready to go. The app is designed to be truly intuitive and an absolute pleasure to use for people of all ages. Its elegant design allows users to navigate through the app with relative ease; all while offering an AD free experience.

The process is simple:

• Scan

• Decode

• Display

It truly is as simple as that! The Q.TK QR Code Scanner has no extra and unnecessary functions, and is built to do one thing, to scan and read QR Codes using your device’s camera directly or from any QR code images stored in your images library.

The unique features of the Q.TK Scanner allows you to:

• View an ‘In-App Preview’ before going on to open the website in a browser!

• Detect even low resolution codes with ease!

• Detect codes even when they are off angle!

• Scan QR Codes that have been stored as photos in your camera’s photo library!

Just aim the scanner at any QR code, it will be immediately scanned, decoded, and instantly read.

With its extremely advanced source code implementation and its skillful unique design, the Q.TK QR Code Scanner is the fastest and most accurate free QR code scanner in the world. So if you’re looking for a powerful, capable and comprehensive QR Code Scanner, you need look no further than the Q.TK Scanner! Download yours in just 10 seconds today!

Don’t Settle For Less; Download the Best! Visit or get the Q.TK Scanner on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you would like more information, contact them at

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