“Now, everyone can have a complete cryptocurrency `rewards solution that combines all loyalty programs and points in one virtual currency”

AmigoCoin, the newly designed cryptocurrency for the virtual currency world, has been duly designed for the main purpose of granting everybody access to blockchain tools for their business. It is certain that the introduction of this latest ICO cryptocurrency will help many people to grow their businesses in no time.  It’s an authentic ICO cryptocurrency that is being moderated by the Bank of England Prudential. With that in place, a comprehensive cryptocurrency rewards solution is being pushed out for business people and service providers to use. AmigoCoin is made a possibility by uniting all the loyalty programs and points into one virtual currency that is very strong and can ease virtual transaction in any guise.  Amigo also affords its user opportunities to mine coins when they pay for everyday items such as getting a plane ticket, buying grocery items, paying for gas etc. A special wallet that is designed for users – Amigo wallet will be used to store the AmigoCoin user’s mined coin.    

AmigoCoin is not only designed to give blockchain users another shot at it but primarily developed to change the way blockchain is being used and proffer wise, better solutions and ways out for people’ businesses and virtual transactions. This is made possible by making available to users strong analytics and AI tools, more efficient operations and access to new markets. Through that, many people will be able to revolutionize blockchain usage and advance their businesses. With AmigoCoin, the users can claim any rewards, purchase online items, transfer money to their business partners (even to their loved ones), defray their utility bills and if they so desire, convert it to cash. Amigocoin is also designed with the retail merchants in mind: They can issue their own branded blockchain rewards to their clients directly to customer’s wallet by sending special discount promo tokens which the customer can in turn use to make extra purchases. Through this unique reward option that allows customers to enjoy super exciting discounts on various products and services, many businesses will be able to maintain and even increase their loyal customer base.  

AmigoCoin is out to make available an excellent and all-time token exchange that makes it easier for the consumers, brands, retailers and associated organizations to also collaborate in order to create a more secure and easier way to transact and share valuable information about all available products in the market. One major goal, out of the several lofty goals of AmigoCoin, is to use the power and flexibility of blockchain technology to create and make available the world’s largest, trusted global product database that can be easily accessed by brands and users to add, review and verify supplied details and information about products that are available in the market.

Another exciting feature of Amigocoin is that it sees its customers for what they are – humans being that need to be treated as such. Therefore, it provides the full right to audit and also traces the supply chain to the customers, retailers, brands, distributors, certification and governing bodies so that they can give authentic validation on each product and establish whether a particular product is safe, original and fit for human use. This simply means that AmigoCoin takes the satisfaction of its customers with all seriousness and make sure all products meet and maintain specific specifications and standards that have been put in place by the government. Giving each consumer opportunity to check, assess and evaluate the quality, suitability, specification, authenticity, description and many other necessary details of a product before making a purchase makes Amigocoin to surpass other platforms in the race of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It also ensures, and most times facilitates a friendly atmosphere where the brands, retailers and other associated organizations peacefully encourage their customers to engage with them in a non-disruptive manner. That means there is a room for feedback and suggestion from consumers and every consumer can express his/her pleasure or otherwise on the platform. Another exciting feature of Amigocoin; the AmigoCoin Ecosystem, allows the users to transact with each other on Amigo tokens. That feature facilitates ease in buying and selling of AmigoCoin to one another on the platform and also provides an opportunity to exchange the coin for goods and services between different merchants who make AmigoCoin their choice.  

The official ICO of AmigoCoin has been out since 1st of February 2018 and it will last till 21st of December 2018. A total of 500 AMG (official token of AmigoCoin) will be offered at a price of $0.50 in the initial and ongoing phase of the ICO.

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