Guiddoo Shortlisted for the Alpha Program at the Dublin Summit

Guiddoo is shortlisted for the Alpha Program at the Dublin Summit for their Indiegogo Campaign. This is considered as the biggest European Startup Conferences and at the same time they are part of a prestigious group of startups selected for the Alpha Program.

In line with this, Guiddoo will also have their own stall at the event. They also want to inform their VCs and travel companies about these prestigious startups. Guiddoo is also recognized as the leader in their segments that aims to raise funds to effectively build their product.

In connection with this, the professional team of Guiddoo worked hand in hand to make sure that they can meet and go beyond the needs, demands and expectations of their valued clients. Furthermore, Guiddoo is also part of a competent group of startups that has a depth knowledge and expertise in the field of raising funds to build their product. For those travel companies and VCs that are searching for the elite European startups conferences, Guiddoo is the ideal choice to consider. The team of Guiddoo is also encouraging their clients to join their Indiegogo Campaign that will serve as their key in building their products.

In line with this, Guiddoo is also considered as one of the best personal travel guide for some of the most famous monuments in the world. With the help and existence of Guiddoo, most people will not find hard time and difficulty to find their preferred destinations. For those travelers who want video and audio features while they are traveling in different parts of the world, Guiddoo is the perfect mobile app to use.

Guiddoo is also recognized as the best audio visual travel guide that will help those travelers to enjoy their monument tours. In the recent year, Guiddoo is widely available online and this is one of the reasons why people can easily explore the amazing features of this audio visual travel guide and planner.

Nidhi Varma says that they worked hand in hand and at the same time they exerted all their best and efforts to developer Guiddoo that will suit to the needs of their potential clients. Users of Guiddoo travel guide and planner will not be disappointed with the awesome features and benefits of this audio visual travel guide.

Guiddoo Indiegogo Campaign

Guiddoo is the next big travel tech startup that provides Tour Guiding and Travel Planning for travelers on mobile currently and on hands-free devices like Google Glass and Oculus VR in the near future. #Support Guiddoo Indiegogo Campaign to raise $100,000 and get perks like Travel Coupons which can be used for booking flights,hotels,car hire and Tour & Package bookings for your holiday next year and free subscription to Guiddoo Apps

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