Revolutionary Ethereum Travel Token (ETHTT) aiming to disrupt travel industry will launch the Pre-ICO on June 5th

Ethereum Travel Token is all about to redefine travel industry for better by offering a more secured, economical and flexible approach to book and manage travel transactions than what is being done traditionally.

Amsterdam – 09 May, 2018 – A new revolutionary Ethereum Travel Token (ETHTT) is all set to disrupt the travel industry for better de-centralized and more secured travel management. Aptly titled as “Ethereum Travel Token”, the state of art digital currency introduces a highly credible travel ecosystem integrated with Federal protocols (SAML, OAuth and WS-TRUST/FED). Built on ERC20 platform, the ETH travel token will allow travelers directly to reserve or manage their travel reservations with hotels, flights and car rental companies with one global currency (ETHTT).

Ethereum Travel Token is set to launch its Pre-ICO on June 05 and the pre-sale phase will continue till June 15, 2018. The token price at this phase is – 1 ETH= 14,000 ETHTT (token of Ethereum Travel Token). The pre-sale phase will be offering a whopping 40% discount to participants.

The revolutionary ERC20 crypto currency is developed to solve the typical woes faced by travelers while booking and managing their trips in a traditional way. 

“The traditional way of booking travel is not exactly secured as the travelers are asked to share their personal information with middle tier online travel agencies(OTAs). But infact, Ethereum Travel Token is all set to put an end to such risks with its blockchain infrastructure, integrated with federation protocols. It extends a revolutionary streamlined approach towards managing end-user identities, responsibilities and travel transaction with solid security to make the whole process more comfortable and credible for travelers”, stated Oinoun Rauli, veteran travel industry advisor and the founder of Ethereum Travel Token.

Backed by a powerful integration of blockchain technology with federal protocols, Ethereum Travel Token offers a wide range of benefits – 

  • Decentralized travel management where the ETHTT token holders can book flights, hotels or car rentals without the risk of sharing their personal information with third party suppliers (GDS, Travelocity, Expedia etc.,)
  • Decentralized system that will help users to monitor their transactions easily and purchase tickets with ETH Travel Tokens.
  • Automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of account payments that assure day-one access to manage/book airline tickets, hotel or rental cars.
  • Solid data synchronization between the travel industries (Airlines, Hotels and Car rentals) that benefits the travelers with updated discount details on travel industry and global availability of their identities, transactions, associated reservations and as well as access to them. 

Speaking further, Mr. Rauli explained the futuristic Ethereum Travel Token is designed to help the users with Lower Costs, Greater Flexibility and Faster Processing of travel plans compared to traditional travel booking and management processes. The Ethereum Travel token completely eliminates the need of 3rd party intermediaries like OTAs to cut the hidden mark up costs and speed up the process. Moreover, the token introduces smart contracts in the travel industry to automate a number of processes which minimizes manual labor and makes the process more flexible. 

Another great part about the Ethereum travel Token is its wide range of assurance with great extent of use cases in the travel industry. Added to being utilized for executing travel reservation transactions, the ETHTT token will also enable users to redeem their travel points or rewards and book reservations for any domain, including car rentals, airlines or hotels. This way, users won’t be limited by the burden of sticking to one particular hotel/flight or car rental company. With ETHTT, they can convert their rewards to ETHTT tokens and use it wherever is needed.

“No longer would travelers have to face issues while converting travel rewards- say travel rewards from one airline (say Lufthansa) to another airline (say KLM) or even from one airline industry (KLM) to hotel (Marriott) and also to rental car industries. With ETH Travel tokens, travelers will only need to use one single token to book or make any travel reservation.” 

Other possible application areas are in documentation of ownership, state of rewards, emission allowances, guarantees of origin and renewable travel plans that can be converted to Ethereum Travel Token.

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