Delightful New Toy ‘GIGI Bloks’ Holds Endless Possibilities for Children

Studies have shown that, since the 1990s, children have exhibited less and less creativity. While there are many contributing factors, one of the most important are a lack of free-form toys with which children can create. In an effort to revitalize this important ability among children, inventors Ilona Viluma and Edgars Vilums have developed an amazing toy called GIGI bloks. GIGI bloks are realistically sized, lightweight building blocks which can be used to create buildings, creatures or anything a child can imagine.

GIGI bloks is set to revolutionize the toy industry by re-introducing something that has long been lacking in children’s toys — Freedom. These easy to manipulate, cardboard blocks quickly snap together in a vast array of designs and structures, allowing children to dictate what they build rather than toy manufacturers. Each package of GIGI bloks contains 100 ready-to-assemble units, which are made of durable but environmentally friendly cardboard. The unpainted GIGI bloks are left blank to allow children to decorate their creations as they please, granting them complete control over their play time and empowering them to use their imaginations.

There are enormous benefits for GIGI bloks users including greater physical activity (children must manipulate the 20 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm blocks), increased manual dexterity, and endless opportunities to express themselves. Children will use these play tools to help learn social skills as they collaborate with other children, and develop their problem solving abilities as they learn how to create new structures.

GIGI bloks is the product of years of design and testing. The unique design has been shown to nurture many of the most important qualities that young children need including spatial reasoning, communication skills, and abstract thinking. GIGI bloks has been proven safe for children aged two and older. This innovative product has also earned several important awards including the 2013 Design Award and the Creative Business Cup National Winner.

While GIGI bloks promises to improve the lives of countless children, it still requires financing to enter large scale production. To raise the $9,300 needed for this project, Ilona and Edgars have sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for supporting this campaign, you may receive valuable perks like the “Great Success” manual, “Being Best at Your Life” book, business card holder, and various sized GIGI bloks packages. By supporting this project, you can also choose great gifts for your kids or grandkids for the Christmas season.

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