Darien Dash Projects Foundation in New York, NY is Doing Great Things for Inner City Children

New York, NY – Poverty is everywhere and it’s a complicated global, social issue that goes beyond individuals and families lacking sufficient income. Youths, particularly of color, living in poverty-stricken areas of New York, are more exposed to a lot of risks, mostly due to the fact that their mentors or caretakers are also greatly affected by poverty, and finding it a challenge to care for them properly. Community and family-level poverty have negative effects on the overall functioning of the family, including the mental and psychological well-being of the youth. That’s where New York’s Inner City Children’s Foundations like Darien Dash Projects come into play.

Research shows that when minority and poverty status are combined, they correspond to a high risk of arrest, high school dropout, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and a higher occurrence of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Darien Dash Projects focuses on the well-being of NY City’s inner city children. They are doing great things for the local community – Darien Dash is bringing technology to urban America. In a CNN interview in 2000, Darien Dash mentioned, “I am aware of the economic realities Hispanic and African-American markets face. In the US alone, 41 million white Americans have access to the Internet, and only 5 million African-Americans have online access. This is a huge difference in today’s global market. I plan to close that gap by bringing Darien Dash Projects to the less-privileged youths of New York City. I think these inner-city children have all the opportunities and advantages. They have a better chance than any other generation before them. The great thing about the Internet is that it is colorless.”

With NY City’s inner-city children as the target audience, Darien Dash Projects aims to focus on empowering the youth – especially the minorities – through training, education, and youth projects. Teaching the youth how to effectively use modern technologies will help change their lives and make them successful. It has been a challenge to break into the world dominated by white Americans, but Darien Dash kept going. The projects have pioneered various African-American centered youth organizations to flourish. Through this mission, Darien Dash Projects has affected the lives of numerous minorities in America.

Darien Dash Projects is located at 521 Madison Ave #19, New York, NY 10022. Contact them via phone at (646) 480-1912, or via email at info@darien-dash-projects.com

Visit their website at http://darien-dash-projects.com, for more information about upcoming projects and youth-oriented workshops.

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