Colombian Engineering and Architectural Firm GEPM Aims to Improve Construction and Oil Manufacturing Condition

Colombian Engineering and Architectural Firm GEPM Aims to Provide Solutions to Improve Construction and Oil Manufacturing Condition

The Grupo Empresarial Pinzon Muñoz or GEPM aims to improve the construction and oil manufacturing condition in Colombia. The company promises to provide solutions, as well as necessary spare parts and labor, for these specialized works.

GEPM offers two types of services: Construction and Oil Production Facilities. The company is made up of a team of engineers and architects who come up with plans and solutions for these various projects.

For their construction services, the firm engages in designing, renewing, and planning services for the development of an infrastructure. They provide engineering solutions and architectural designs for building constructions.

Under the construction services, GEPM materializes and develops project plans for civil works in residential and institutional areas, and road and urban businesses. Aside from creating project plans, the firm also offers maintenance services for buildings, especially for sustainability and safety purposes.

In addition to coming up with new projects and maintenance, GEPM.CO provides services for the renewal and transformation of buildings. One of their key goals is to transform and update these buildings to be more technologically advanced. This way, the potential of the buildings is optimized.

Some of the past clients of the GEPM in construction are the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Defense of Colombia. Meanwhile, the GEPM has oil production facilities that provide solutions for the manufacturing of oil or crude.

GEPM provides thermal generation equipment to produce oil, as well as help in transporting this heavy crude oil. They manufacture firetube industrial oilers, and other equipment necessary for the treatment and transportation of oil. Additionally, GEPM has a wide variety of spare parts needed to maintain these oil production facilities. They offer maintenance services for the equipment that will help improve their efficiency. This way, the volume of oil extracted increases or maintained at an optimal level.

GEPM is very proud of its thermal generation equipment. These boilers have helped improved the oil production in Colombia, especially with their capabilities in separating impurities from the extracted oil. Their official website has a list of all the equipment, complete with a brief description for each.

As with the construction, GEPM also offers engineering and architectural services for oil production facilities. They provide strategic plans and facility designing to avoid any interruption in the production of oil. GEPM has the ready spare parts for any unforeseen damage that may occur during operation. They also have a group of highly-trained technicians that can foresee the repair without compromising the operations of the facility.

Having received international certifications from respected quality control councils, GEPM guarantees that their services are safe and sound. The company is not only keen on providing good service to the people; its projects also consider the welfare of the environment.

With an aim to provide solutions to improve the construction and oil production conditions in Colombia, the GEPM provides technological solutions through their products and services. The company not only offers well-made plans for securing buildings and facilities, their equipment is also certified safe and provides efficiency.

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