Pimms Brooke EP “Under The Layers” Release to Captivate Listeners with Unique Music

Pimms Brooke recently released her EP “Under The Layers” to captivate listeners with her unique style of music. Available in Spotify by clicking HERE, the music platform is home to some of the most popular tracks and artists today with the likes of Drake, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheran, Kendrick Lamar, David Guetta, the late Avicii, and many more.

Audience worldwide in all walks of life is drawn to a variety of music and creative creations. People listen to singles and albums all the time but another category is making a name in the music industry, and that is an EP. An EP or Extended Play Record is neither qualified as a single nor an album for a musical recording. This may sound unfamiliar to some, but the whole world has been giving it a good reception, and the numbers are increasing for people who are getting thirsty for the likes of this music every day. Fortunately, the release of “Under the Layers” gives the listening audience another addition to the must-listen-to albums in Spotify.

Pimms Brooke’s unique style of music embraces everything about music! A Londoner who found herself drawn in the power of music decided to launch her career as singer inspired with the music of Amy Winehouse, Barbara Streisand, and Etta James. Being an independent singer and songwriter and music lover herself, she puts her mind and soul into all her tracks where listeners gave her songs a warm reception. This time, listeners can look forward to hearing to the newly launched EP. It’s a six-track EP with a mix of RnB, hip-hop, pop, rock, and soul music. The tracks included are Brighter Day, Base, Not Giving Up, Pain of Glass, and 7 Days, and Notes to Stranger.

The eclectic selection in the album will capture an audience to keep listening to the tracks that will light up every bit of emotion. Anyone can have a little share of the streaming pie in a global scale, but Brooke’s music will inspire her audience with the way she sings each line that will make listeners sway, dance to the groove, tap, and sing their heart out to the beat of each song. The EP has something for everyone to listen to any time and any day.

The EP is all about the celebration of youth and life. Her track selection in “Under the Layers”  will leave listeners to discover what lies under the layers of their lives and emotions in building a strong relationship and making it through life. Its all about embracing one’s strengths and weaknesses and breaking free. Brooke launched her musical career in Dubai in 2015, and last year, she was the featuring artist in “Show Me the Money.”  Given her talent and good looks, she is continuously asked to try her luck in talent TV shows. But Brooke refuses to do it because according to her, that is a fast route and true artists must work hard and experience rejections from music executives or label companies. She feels these kind of shows are more for publicity, but the experiences for perseverance will build the artists’ strengths and hone their creativity, she adds.

About the Artist:

Pimms Brooke hailed from London and Moved to Dubai, UAE in 2013. Her humble beginning as a waitress and how she turned to be a unique singer-songwriter gave her the perfect recipe for creating music with a lasting impression. 

To know more about Pimms Brooke, check out her accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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