PUYUE HESHAN shined in New York City,25 years, let the world experience the real PUYUE

On 20th May, the day of love in China, “TOP 100 developer” FUTURE LAND takes PUYUE HESHAN, the latest work of PUYUE series, shown on all the big screens in New York Time square.New York Time Square, a triangle place in mid town Manhattan. This is the true icon of NYC. NASDAQ and all kinds of top corporations gathered here, make time square the most popular business area in the world with the nick name of “world crossing”.

25 years FUTURE LAND, covers all the screens of New York Time Square

Ranking 13th in the TOP100 Chinese developer rents all the big screens in Time Square. This video is known as “The legend of dragon city to the world”, together with the Future Land TOP PUYUE series video “Rise from Orient, Dancing in the world” and the topic of “world heritage side, future house arrives” , Future land put on a show which covered by many medias. What kind of power does this dragon legend from have to gaze all the attention to NYC. Future Land, established from the dragon city Changzhou, Jiangsu. As the local born company, Future Land took its business into 76 cities in China in the past 25 years. It will certainly blossom in the “world crossing”.

Future Land reads the world, high-end residential PUYUE, the modern version of traditional oriental beauty

In the purpose of pursuing the oriental accommodation concept, Future Land develops the TOP PUYUE series. This is a series combine property and culture, pay very serious attention in project set up, design, planning, construct and society building. All the detail are treated very seriously. The whole serious is like talking to the oriental civilization. PUYUE, originally come from a oriental manner. In the advent of the Kangxi, “PU” is explained as raw jade and “YUE” is the shadow under the tree, means protection of followed generations. This serious expresses all the oriental accommodation essence, the core concept is “being the master of wealth and being the friend of spirit”.

The 5th in the world, 1st in dragon city, PUYU comes home

Life elegant as jade, family flourishes like trees, the best time of China, TOP PUYUE oriental big house will continue year after year. Till now, Future Land has finished 4 top PUYUE products. 2016, Nanjing Zijin mountain foothills, PUYUE ZHONG SHAN roaring across the horizon, take the first step of PUYUE road. From Nanjing PUYUE ZHONGSHAN, PUYUE HESHAN and PUYUE YUANSHAN to the PUYUE MENDI in shanghai, PUYUE keeps rewriting the new page of oriental housing civilization. And this time, PUYUE comes back home with pride, cooperate with another TOP100 Chinese developer CHINA MERCHANTS SHEKOU HOLDINGS, provide us the latest project PUYUE HESHAN, and promise to set the new model of dragon city.

Landing along the dragon canal, Setting the new level of housing

As the first high-end residential with oriental concept and style, Future Land PUYUE will define the elegant and grace in the city of Changzhou. Based on the thousand years of understanding to dragon city, PUYUE chose the side of canal to make this piece of art. Put the civil of dragon city, the history and luck of canal, the communication of oriental people together, change these ideas to the products of “Star house” and “Mountain house”, bring dragon city the highest level residential.

Future Land PUYUE HESHAN,Surface of 107-168 square meters, jump this innovation has been the global public, Please visit the tasting! eastern aesthetics of modern life – PUYUE FENG CLUB is now available for ordering globally.

Please dial 0086-0519-88886666 for further information.

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