Custom Rock Formliner Offers State of the Art Custom Concrete Formliners for Architectural Projects

St. Paul, MN – Architectural structures serve as the foundation of cities. They describe and represent the progress that the society has made through the years. But designing structurally sound buildings isn’t the only task that is put into consideration. The design itself needs to complement what is around it, and there is always beauty in creativity. Fortunately for architects and engineers, there is Custom Rock Formliner that helps them with that specific task. Custom Rock Formliner creates customized concrete formliners for architectural projects.

Custom Rock Formliner is now offering custom-made designs that are specifically focused on what is already existing. If there are concrete structures that will be used, the design should also be considered. According to John Fallenstein of Custom Rock Formliner, “since 1971, we have served generations of architects, engineers, and contractors by providing architectural design elements for their projects, assisting them in creating exquisite finishes for their projects.” With over four decades of service, Custom Rock Formliner creates custom concrete molds for their valued partners.

As a formliner company, they have a number of patterns that they create based on the preference of the clients. Some of the patterns that they create are brick and block, fluted rib, stone, wood, fractured fin, geometric, and stone texture. Moreover, John Fallenstein of Custom Rock Formliner states that “with over 300 standard patterns and the most realistic stone textures in the industry-molded directly from natural rock and stone-we provide you with more versatility and design options than any other formliner company.”

Finally, each of their patterns and customized orders are affordable. John Fallenstein notes “as the industry leader; we are your go-to resource, whether you want input on a particular pattern, a solution for a challenging architectural feature or to keep your project within budget. From the quality of our stone textures to the precision of matching corners and creative ways to hide seams or joints, we are here to help guide you and make your project a success.” This concrete formliners company dedicates all of their creativity and manpower to satisfy the requests of their clients to the best of their ability.

Custom Rock Formliner is a company that focuses on transforming architectural concrete into art. To get to know the company and their licensed architects and staff, visit their office located at 2020 West 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55116.

For inquiries or concerns about the services that they provide, contact them at (651) 699-1345 or email them at

By transforming man-made structures into aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces of art, Custom Rock Formliner innovates creativity and productivity.

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