Churches Find Shared Data Storage Helps with Online Giving

Just like every other facet of American life, technology is playing a larger role in Sunday morning services. Not only do most churches use sound systems, projection equipment, and computers as part of their worship experience, but have integrated tech solutions with individual congregation members as well.

Most people these days have a smartphone, including those who attend religious functions on the weekends. Churches are adapting some of their most basic traditions, such as tithing, to meet the needs of both the church and congregation with the use of modern-day technology. Almost half of church-goers say they are open to giving electronically, and churches that have embraced these advancements see increased consistent giving by up to one-third. Churches are having to decide upon the best method for congregation access to online giving, and one of these ways is with shared data storage.

Shared storage allows churches to have secure, on-site servers that don’t get overloaded when big projects are being worked on at once. It’s also helpful for busy service times when hundreds, if not thousands, of members are accessing the online giving portal at the same time. Congregation members no longer have to wait in a queue just to offer their tithe, which means churches don’t lose out on funds when the wait becomes too long and members forget to come back later.

With traditional server models, all of the giving information would be stored on one server port, which causes traffic jams during busy periods. The data is also susceptible to loss or damage if the specific server experiences a malfunction. Shared storage allows for all server ports to share free space and data with one another, so traffic jams are much less likely, and the data can be accessed easier by church employees from their virtual workstations. Companies like Small Tree offer these types of solutions to churches in simple and easy-to-use devices.

Shared storage has become less complicated and more secure in recent years, which is why institutions like churches are attracted to it. It allows them to keep sensitive information like congregant bank accounts, personal addresses, and giving amounts secure on their local network, but easier for authorized church personnel to access it when needed. At tax time, when yearly giving amounts need calculating and analyzing, multiple people can be working on the task at the same time.

Not only are members open to electronic versions of tithing, but advancements in shared storage are making it easier than ever for religiously based online donations. For large churches, and small ones too, this seemingly small convenience is only a glimpse into what technology can continue to do for those that embrace it.

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