How Emerging Female Entrepreneurs Can Be Empowered Through Creative Storytelling

Sheiva Sajadpour, Founder and CEO of LUPA Legacy, discusses individuality and creativity as tools for today’s emerging female entrepreneurs.

For decades, women around the world have been underpowered and underrepresented in countless key areas of society. The business world, of course, has been a prime example of that fact until recent years. There has been a profound shift in the way American society views and receives female leadership, and in fact, one might even say that women in business are celebrated. More than ever before, female business owners are revered as trailblazers and sources of inspiration for future generations.

That creates a challenge, though, for younger women who are just beginning to emerge into the business world. How can rising generations break through and compete with their predecessors – that powerhouse generation of female leaders? We asked SheivaSajadpour, Founder and CEO of LUPA Legacy, for some insight.

“The way for female entrepreneurs to make a lasting impression is simple: it’s all about individuality and authenticity,” she explains. “If there is nothing special or unique about your image, service, or products, then consumers are not going to be interested in anything you offer. It’s 2018, and suffice it to say that modern consumers have seen it all. They want the highest quality products and five-star service, and they can spot a ‘hidden’ advertisement from a mile away.”

LUPA Legacy’s entire brand story is rooted in individuality and diversity, with an emphasis on the idea that style is not just a fashion statement, but also a reflection of personality and identity. The company’s products, inspired by world travel and every individual’s need to define their own purpose in life, are as empowering as the company’s ethos.

“We create products with purpose and a story to tell. That desire to forge a connection with our users has led us to great success, and we are now preparing for expansion into Canadian markets,” she states. Sajadpour then goes on to warn emerging woman-owned brands to remember that storytelling is a two-way street. “You can’t just tell your brand story. You have to p pay attention to the response you receive, as well. Be prepared to listen and respond to consumer demand.”

About LUPA Legacy

LUPA Legacy was founded by SheivaSajadpour, a global nomad and citizen of everywhere.  An engineer and designer by trade, she has made it her life’s work and passion to design products that give people the confidence and tools to define themselves and their unique purpose in the world.  

Sheiva believes that everyone is creative and that every person’s story matters.  LUPA Legacy  is a culmination of the belief that style is not just fashionable, but rather a reflection of individuality, personality and identity.

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