ONEW: Global Interior Specials Stuns With Head-turning New Take On Design

China-based indoor decoration materials production and supplies expert now stocking global market with a wide range of digital printable wallpaper and other imaging materials

In continuation of their drive to offer innovative solutions to the digital imaging community, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd unveils a wide variety of Printable wallpapers, self-adhesive media, glass media applications and others which make better products for signage, home interior displays, murals, and trade show graphics than the commercially available ones. To give room for flexibility while satisfying global customers’ graphics application needs, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd features printable wallpapers, self-adhesive fabrics and other related products which are easy to handle, install and remove without residue or damage to walls.

The company’s interior décor material collection features printable digital wallpapers which provide exemplary resilience to damage of any kind in addition to high-quality performance. The printable wallpaper presents a typical high-grade product. It is made of high-quality fabric base material, with non-woven paper attached to the back side which is primarily used for the replication of works of arts and for wall graphics application.

ONEW: Global Interior Specials Stuns With Head-turning New Take On Design

Included in their wide variety of products is the self-adhesive fabric which does not require the external application of adhesives. This makes it a lot easier to install and remove without traces of the adhesive on the wall. The clear color printing effect and excellent color production make it a perfect choice for signage display quality and commercial adverts. The introduction and use of biodegradable polyester fabric as the base material is an environmentally friendly approach which brings increased sustainability to one’s own interiors, at the same time offering the much-needed impulse for the entire industry.

Other major product categories in addition to the printable wallpaper and self-adhesive fabric include Glass applications, Artist display, Large format printing Media. These products employ innovative cling technology and used in, printing, premium window graphics, and other sign-making needs. 

With this wide range of wallpapers to choose from, the interior decoration materials collection by ONEW portrays a new frontier in digital printing. One can find out more about the company and their products visiting

About ONEW New Materials Co., Ltd

ONEW New Materials Co., Ltd started operations in 2001 and centers on centers on production, research as well as sales of high-quality Indoor decoration products. It has its production base in Anhui province with a staff strength of over 50. There are over two advanced coating production lines and adhesives-coating machines, and other advanced cutting equipment. Recently, production is estimated at a rate about 8 million per month and work is in progress to exceed. Water-based acrylic resin technology is utilized in the production process to safe products for clients. Major products include different varieties of printable wallpaper, self-adhesive materials, Glass applications, Art displays, Large format printing Media and lots more.

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