Innovative 3D Prostrate Target Treatment From China To Help Thousands Of Worldwide Patients

Dr Song’s 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics in China comes out with an Innovative 3D prostrate target treatment as a boon to many prostrate patients. According to Miss Alisa Wang thousands of patients across the world suffer from prostrate problems after a certain age. Until recently the traditional surgery used to be the only cure for this. But technological advancement has made the cure for this problem less intrusive. It was explained that the new 3D technology has made it even easier and more targeted for the patients so that better treatment is provided with relatively lesser intrusion. Innovative 3D Prostrate Target Treatment From China To Help Thousands Of Worldwide Patients

3D Prostate Targeted Treatment for cancer is based on targeted injection technique uses natural liposome carrier to transport natural herbal extracts having anti- cancer elements which kills the cancerous cells directly at the core location of cancerous lesions. This technique is quite similar to Chinese acupuncture which is being practiced in China since ages.

3D Prostate Treatment is an innovative natural therapy which is far advanced as compared to all other treatments available at present. It treats the prostrate problem without surgery by eradicating causative pathogens and prostrate lesions which are deep rooted in the prostrate and clearing prostatic endotoxin and blockage and calcification.

3D Prostate target treatment China is not only the most effective treatment for prostate cancer but is also very successful in treating prostate enlargement of various types. The treatment of enlarged prostate also involves many steps. At first the cause of prostate enlargement is identified by advanced technologies like DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) and TRUS (TransRectal UltraSound) and then anti enlargement herbal extracts are injected to the core without any side effects.

At recently held press conference in Changsha, China, Dr. Xinping Song announced a new test and explained in detail about the scope and limitations. According to him, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) is a specific protein secreted by prostatic epithelial cells to the seminal fluid and one of the main components of plasma.

Dr. Song categorically explained to the present media and cancer researchers that PSA should not be used as diagnostic criteria for prostate cancer. He explained that many problems have been found with PSA in different clinical researches. In many cases problem of false positive and over diagnosis have been noticed. False positive and over diagnosis can lead to the patient receiving unwarranted treatment and medication. This may often lead to severe consequences. But at the same he also explained that PSA should not be disregarded in prostate cancer screening. He emphasised that PSA should be used only as a secondary indicator. It tells us if an unhealthy condition is present in the prostate.

Dr. Xinping is a prostate cancer researcher and physician from China. He has more than experience in 3D prostate targeted treatment. He specialises in treatment of various complicated, chronic, drug resistant and long term prostate diseases. He has immense experience of successfully treating various complex prostate diseases.

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