Promote the implementation of AI application AICHAIN is going to be introduced at ACM Turing Celebration Conference – China

With regard to the most popular scientific achievement obtained in recent years, it must be AI (artificial intelligence). With the gradual maturity of AI technology, AI has been promoted to the present application stage from the initial concept derivation, academic research and technological development, many professionals in the field of AI even consider that 2018 is just the important beginning for the real application of AI technology. 

As the grand conference in the field of AI, Turing Celebration Conference named by Alan Mathison Turing – “Father of Computer Science” and “Father of Artificial Intelligence” has been always an important platform for learning the development history and process of computer and feeling the development tendency of artificial intelligence by global users.

From May 19 – 20, 2018, ACM Turing Celebration Conference – China will be grandly opened in Shanghai. The ACM Turing Celebration Conference – China will also invite academics and entrepreneurs including Vinton Cerf – Father of Internet, Leslie Valiant – Winner of Turing Award, Yang Lan – President of Sun Media Group, Wang Haifeng – Vice President of Baidu, Hu Yu – Founder of Iflytek Co., Ltd., Ye Jieping – Deputy Dean of DIDI Research Institute, etc., and carry out the deep frontier discussion on the conference theme “Lead Artificial Intelligence Create Infinite Possibilities”.

AICHAIN as the only one AI+ Blockchain enterprise invited to the conference – AI summit will also attend ACM Turing Celebration Conference – China.

Core team of AICHAIN gathers the most cutting-edge AI experts, senior blockchain experts and Internet leading figures at home and abroad under the leadership of Duan Kai – former software R&D Director of Bitmain, and AICHAIN has adhered to the down-to-earth practice and devoted to creating maximum value to users through AI + Blockchain since its establishment.   

At the conference, Duan Kai – founder and CEO of AICHAIN will deliver and share the keynote speech on the theme of “reliable data share and valuable calculation”. 

AICHAIN will closely integrate AI with blockchain to realize mutual promotion, intergrowth and development:

I.    Reliable data share: AICHAIN provides all AI applications with encipherment protection, fingerprint, digital watermarking data trace and other service by using blockchain and DRM (digital right management) technology so that users are more willing to apply own data into AI products, which not only obtains personalized AI services, but also improves the further research and development of AI application;

II.   Valuable calculation: With regard to the idle work phenomenon that enormous energy consumption, but failure to provide computational services with actual value in the computational process of mining in the blockchain industry, AICHAIN is studying to split the big tasks of AI machine learning into numerous tiny computational tasks and implant into blockchain transaction data, distribute to arithmetic facility for the purpose of expecting AI computation as one part of mining computation, so that mining machine can handle with AI computational tasks and further provide valuable computational services while completing blockchain mining and recording. 

AICHAIN has always devoted to providing AI application with common blockchain platform to allow data resource provider, application developer, platform resource operator and user to freely publish and use their respective resources and application. At present, the public chain developed by AICHAIN is going to be tested, and the progress in mining, contracting, wallet and other links is also gradually promoted.

The formal implementation of industry application is always the first target of AICHAIN, it can provide all eco-partners with underlying technology support to build AI ecological environment with its self-developed public chain of blockchain to promote resource sharing, motivate more people to participate in the development and implementation of intelligent application. After almost one year of effort, AICHAIN has completed the implementation of DApp application in pan-entertainment, human resource, AI education and other fields, its ecological chain has been operated properly, and AICHAIN will further accelerate the eco-industry allocation in various industries in the future.

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