Sustainable Funds are Worth Consideration for Socially Conscious Investors: JK Financial

Shenzhen Shi, China – May 18, 2018 – Profits and returns need not be the only motive for investors. The new breed of ‘sustainable funds’ ensure that investors can not only aim at returns, but also put their support behind players who are responsible citizens of the world with a focus on environment, governance and society. Also called ESG Funds, investors can invest in these funds to support wider causes, says HK Financial, the China-based innovative professional financial services firm.

One benefit of ESG funds is that they allow an attractive way to diversify asset portfolio. The funds are an easy way to invest in socially conscious areas and also target the performance and returns that one desires. Recently, many such funds have attracted attention after events such as the exit of US from Paris climate accord.

For US investors, a quick place to find out which funds fall in this category is the U.S. Forum for Sustainable Investing. Some precautions though must be observed as usual, such as looking for risks, performance indicators, and not focusing too much on just one sector.

For those investors who are tired of the conventional financial instruments, and want to make a difference with their investment while also ensuring that they obtain desirable returns, the sustainable funds are an option worth exploring,” said a spokesperson for HK Financial.

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