New Anti-Bullying Charm Bracelet Aims to Combat the Infamous ‘Bystander Effect’

On October 15th, Jan Marten, the owner of Jem Jewellers, launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the initial production run of a new anti-bullying charm bracelet that aims to combat the ‘bystander effect’ and promote active intervention in bullying scenarios. 

“We created this bracelet, so people of all ages can show they would rather be a friend than a bully. By wearing the bracelet it will be a reminder you have a responsibility to be someone’s friend, stand up for them, and never be sorry for something you said or did.” – Jan Marten 

Having been in the jewelry and gemology business for 30 years, Marten and the Jem Jewellers team have extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, and shipping of new jewelry products. However, rather than going with a traditional retail distribution strategy, the team decided to launch the anti-bullying charm bracelet on Kickstarter to give backers an exclusive edition of the product, involve teens in the movement through social media, and offer customers an inside look into the development of the product with weekly status updates.

The project entitled ‘I am a Friend, Not a Bully’ offers several ‘perks’ or ‘rewards’ in exchange for pledging support for the product’s initial production run. These include being listed on the company website as a supporter, an anti-bullying bracelet with a black elastic or stainless steel chain, and silver/gold/platinum versions of the bracelet. 

“1/3 of all youth are involved in bullying and the greatest prevalence of bullying is in late elementary and middle school,” says Jan Marten. “By participating in this campaign and wearing an anti-bullying bracelet, you will substantially help decrease the prevalence of bullying in your local community.”

The crowdfunding project will run until November 14th, during which time supporters can become involved in the ‘I am a Friend, Not a Bully’ movement. For more information, contact Jan Marten or Sarah Clegg, or visit here

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