New Kickstarter ‘EzWand’ Brings Remote Controlled Blinds in Your Home or Office

On Nov 5, 2014, EzWand will launch a Kickstarter campaign to bring affordable remote controlled blinds to homes and offices. Unlike other window blind products, EzWand requires no window modifications or special installations. By simply replacing the blind’s traditional wand with EzWand, users can control the sunlight exposure of up to 8 windows with one remote. 

“After experiencing the pain-point of inefficient manual window blinds in my home and office work environment, I knew I needed to create something new. We invested two years in creating an exceptional product that is both affordable and easy-to-install.”- Sia Malek, Founder of EzWand.

EzWand works on both horizontal and vertical blinds and does not require users to replace their existing blinds. No special tools are needed to install EzWand. In addition, the wand’s batteries are replaceable and the remote can be used to control up to 8 individual blinds. Ez Wand is first of its own kind to work with Mini Blinds right out of the box without taking down the blinds or major modification to it.

Rather than going through a traditional retailer, Sia Malek, the Founder of EzWand, decided to launch the product on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to reach an early-adopter audience. The Kickstarter campaign will give backers exclusive access to a EzWand at discounted prices, along with other perks including the ability to keep up with product updates and provide feedback in the project’s comment section. 

“EZ Wand is an affordable and cost effective luxury that provides you with added convenience.  At the push of a button on the EZ Wand remote, adjusting your blinds open or close is a snap.”- Sia Malek.

The Kickstarter project will run for 30 days, during which time early-adopters can get a special edition of the EzWand by pledging to the campaign. For more information, contact the creator below or visit the project/campaign page here.

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Company Name: EZ Wand
Contact Person: Sia Malek
Country: United States