How Air Freight Is Becoming A Giant In The Freight Shipping Industry

Today’s world economy is forever changing. Clients are seeing a surplus of supply which is leading to a larger demand for faster shipping with earlier deadlines to meet. Even though there are many ways to ship freight from point A to point B, air freight is fast becoming the top choice. With air cargo shipping, clients have a chance to succeed in their own businesses.

Ontario Container Transport is a leader in the freight shipping business. They are constantly reviewing the market and watching the trends. As the trends change, they are meeting them head-on.

Demand Increases in 2018

With the advancements in technology and the increase in population there is a greater demand for goods and Air Freight services. The International Air Transport Association has recently stated that 2018 has started off with an increase in demand for air cargo. Some of their findings include:


  • Asia – Pacific Airlines: 7.7% freight volume increase and 2.2% capacity increase
  • North American Airlines: 7.5% freight volume increase
  • European Airlines: 10.5 % freight volume increase
  • Middle Eastern Airlines: 4.4% freight volume increase
  • Latin American Airlines: 8.0% growth in demand
  • African Airlines: 12.9 % freight growth demand

These percentages were calculated from January 2018. They show that air freight shipping is on the rise and becoming the number one way to get shipments where they need to go.

Trends in 2018

1. Ontario Container Transport understands the global economy. With the rising global demand comes a longer supply chain delivery time. The effects of a rising global demand creates customers and/or businesses to seek a faster delivery time. As of now, 35% of world trade by value is transported by air.

2. Consolidation is becoming a necessary option for air freight. With consolidation comes a savings of 30% to 50% on air shipping costs.

3. Air freight is becoming more important in the medical field as well. Medical supplies and organs for transplantation can be quickly shipped to anywhere in the world.

4. Air freight is becoming the top enabler of nations, no matter their location, to connect to other markets in the world. Countries who may be landlocked or underdeveloped are able to receive the goods needed to growth and survival.


Ontario Container Transports are the freight shipping leaders in Ontario, Canada. Founded by Barry Nissan and Erik Waisman, they have built their business on the model of having no single ties to a provider of air, water, or land shipping. Their business is equipped to load and unload belongings or shipments. They offer a variety of services and thrive on the OTC Advantage, which is to streamline moving, warehousing, and distribution functions for clients. 

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