With 1 Million Transactions Per Second, WIZBL is Stepping Into The Global Crypto Arena as a Real Game-Changer

The Sensational Fifth Generation of Blockchain Technology Will Start Its Token Sales in 25 Days as The Entire World Awaits Its Arrival

May 22, 2018 – A 5th Generation sensation of Blockchain Technology, WIZBL has proudly announced that it will be launching its token sale next month. With an aim to offer the simplest approach for online transactions, the emerging decentralized blockchain platform is entering this booming industry as a real game-changer. Moreover, WIZBL is an all-new ecosystem that generates immediate transaction speeds through a decentralized ledger verification system.

“We are proudly introducing this system to benefit everyone and all the stakeholders, including investors will benefit greatly from our token,” said the spokesperson of WIZBL, while introducing the new platform. “SME can always benefit from the blockchain technology, but larger enterprises are finding it hard to deploy this technology into their existing business model and this new platform will help them in doing so,” he added. According to the spokesperson, the platform is led by Andy You, a seasoned industry expert and CEO of WIZBL, who has a qualified team of experts working with him to make WIZBL a global phenomenon.

One of the major problems faced by today’s financial world is transaction scalability. Ethereum can only make 20 transactions per second, while VISA network can make 24,000 transactions per second. However, WIZBL has emerged as a permanent solution to this problem. In simple words, the platform will enable larger enterprises so that they can benefit equally from the blockchain technology. Furthermore, WIZBL has an exceptional ability to make 1 million transactions per second, making it a true game changer. Also, the platform will simply fill in the gaps and shortcomings that are present in today’s prevailing cryptocurrency system around the world.

In addition, WIZBL also provides a wide range of other services for its users including the wallet service. The platform has also published an extensive whitepaper, which reveals the true features, benefits and most importantly, the potential of this emerging phenomenon. The real-time processing, transaction scalability and above all, its transaction speed make it different from all the other competing cryptocurrencies, and the platform is expected to disrupt the entire crypto arena worldwide.

For more information, please visit: www.WIZBL.io

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