EIC Digital Assets (Estate Investment Chain) – Decentralized global real estate investment platform

The headquarters of EIC digital assets is in Singapore, the developers: Jackie Hu and team. The EIC international R&D team consists of the top blockchain technical personnel in the UK, Australia, Ireland, the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The team members not only have excellent blockchain technology, but also have rich practical experience in product development and operation execution in the financial field. They are one of the best teams in the world to develop digital assets to operate effectively.

The key members of the EIC team are all involved in the international digital currency, the development and design of the Ethereum. EIC is a fourth-generation smart contract based on blockchain, digital currency with peer-to-peer technology. EIC is the world’s first digital currency to adopt the POA algorithm, it solves the partial defects of POW and POS algorithms. It can promote efficiency, and it can be distributed in an absolutely fair way to achieve a truly equitable decentralization ecosystem.

A new step is taken in exploring the future of blockchain and realizing the digital wealth. EIC’s new wave of wealth is about to make a strong landing.

When the news was made public, it attracted a lot attention on the internet in the finance sector. Venture capital firms, angel investors and other companies are invited. They want to cooperate with EIC in depth, but they all have been rejected by JackieHu. JackieHu hopes that by advocating decentralization and encouraging more digital asset lovers, so they will be able to organize application communities and clubs spontaneously. Besides, they actively promote EIC digital assets, so as to be able to constantly bring forth new and benefit the future.

Since 2013, the transaction scale of third-party payment market has been expanded rapidly with an average annual growth rate of over 50%.

The scale of mobile payment transactions in 2016 was 3.86 billion Chinese Yuan.

At the end of 2017, the third-party payment data reached about 20 billion Chinese Yuan. In such a vast amount of data, various institutions have made huge profits from a wide range of fees.

The introduction of EIC enables users to transfer and deposit money in time on a global scale., We can carry out transnational, cross-border transfers, the platform can operate automatically through this payment network. The exchange rate is converted and the transaction is completed within a few seconds, and there is no transaction fee.

The introduction of EIC can make it more convenient for consumers that travel abroad. The consumers can use EIC’s QR scan for free transfer and payment. It also reduces costs for consumers and businesses as well. The application of EIC will lead to a new round of wealth payment. EIC’s decentralized payment can combine cashless, cardless transaction and digital assets, to create a borderless payment platform.

EIC is based on the economics of the value of circulation, it combines with integral equations, operations research, multiplication and other scientific applications. All we need to do is get the money in the EIC’s wallet to circulate, and it will generate value, which will increase in value, return, and multiply. This time, EIC offically introduced the EIC wallet, and consumers use EIC wallet to pay for various transactions. It’s not only convenient for the merchants, for consumers, it can also be part in the profit distribution of merchants and obtain a new investment channel.

The EIC wallet is a comprehensive online payment platform, just like WeChat Pay and Alipay. The difference is that the EIC is based on the development of blockchain technology, and the internet finance technology is supported by blockchain technology. It is definitely be a hit in the internet’s financial markets.

In the future, EIC wallet will launch more currency in the future, providing more options for digital money lovers…

EIC digital assets will provide guarantees for both parties in digital currency transactions and become the medium of digital currency transactions.

EIC wallet will provide more technical indicators and tools flow to the authorized traders.

EIC digital assets accept all sunshine, legal, social progress projects that beneficial to human life and crowdfunding.

EIC wallet will gradually realize the free convertibility of major currencies such as Canadian dollar, Euro, Ruble, Japanese Yen, Australian dollar and Sterling.

The EIC will connect the cold wallet of the mainstream digital currency, gradually open the access of mainstream digital currency, gradually open the payment interface with offline shopping mall, and also offline entity super business docking payment. Besides, it also can used to reload for popular online games and realize the consumption cycle of the whole ecosystem.

The EIC digital assets are expected to be launched in 2019 by the international digital currency market, where the price is increased tremendously, and is expected to overtake the Ethereum. The EIC can create value circulation, and EIC will be an innovative step in creating financial freedom.

EIC leads the technology

The industry praises, realizes the win-win situation, and creates the legend.

EIC digital assets

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