All the way from China, the cartoon Confucius mascot is coming to New York!

On May 20th 2018, the Quzhou City, China born cartoon mascot “Grandpa NanKong” (Cartoon Confucius) was spotted in New York. What was Grandpa NanKong doing in New York? Next month is China’s gaokao (college entrance examination) and China’s Grandpa NanKong has travelled half the way round the globe to show support to all the participating students.

Chinese history books teach us in 1128ad Confucius’s descendants settled in the City of Quzhou, also known as the sacred home of Confucius. Grandpa NanKong is a cartoon mascot designed by Xu Ming, an art teacher at Quzhou University. From the moment Grandpa Nankong was created, it has been hailed as the most popular traditional Chinese culture style cartoon image in the world. Grandpa NanKong is a cartoon Confucius mascot that was created with a modern design concept to bring the ancient Confucius image to the modern world, who has many young fans in China.

Many Chinese students see Grandpa NanKong as an examination “Lucky Charm”. Grandpa Nankong’s long, locks rolled up like a calligraphy scroll, this represents his Confucianism. His bushy eyebrows covering his eyes, represents his profound knowledge and spirit. His heart-shaped beard represents the idea as long as there is a willingness to learn, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Due to Grandpa NanKong’s cute and lovable image, he is now a global icon and has become one of the most popular mascots in the world. Grandpa NanKong focuses on promoting public welfare activities in Chinese traditional culture. Through various forms of artistic expression, the goal is to continue to promote the traditional Chinese culture all over the world. Grandpa NanKong, as a cartoon mascot from Quzhou, China, is also promoting the City’s brand “Confucius Holy land, Courteous Quzhou”.

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